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Supercharge Your Corn Silage Nutritional Performance

With exceptional nutritional quality, Pioneer® brand corn silage consistently leads tonnage and starch performance in side-by-side comparisons. Put Pioneer silage products to work on your acres.

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Proof in the Feed Bunk

High-quality corn silage products that deliver optimal tonnage and starch performance season after season. Farmers are seeing consistent performance using our superior corn silage products, best management practices and local experts.

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Products That Match Your Needs

For top performance, you need high-quality, high-yielding silage that consistently performs. With unrivaled selection and proven genetics, our brown midrib (BMR) and standard corn silage products outperform the competition to match your needs and maximize your production.

Bovalta™ BMR Corn Silage Products

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Taking BMR to a new level of silage performance, agronomics and profit. It sets the highest standard for digestibility & milk production, delivers a higher standard for yield, disease resistance & agronomics and brings a higher standard for on-farm business impact.

Brown Midrib (BMR) Products

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With 8 percent higher fibre digestibility and less undigestible fibre than standard corn silage, Pioneer® brand BMR products maximize available feed energy to help make the most of your rations.

Standard Corn Silage

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Offering flexibility to handle whatever the growing season brings, our standard corn silage products are built with both silage and starch yield in mind.

Inoculants for Corn Silage

Maximize the performance of your corn silage with Sila-Bac® brand inoculants, designed to get more mileage from your crop.

11C33 Inoculant

Designed to improve animal performance by improving cornsilage quality, Sila-Bac® inoculant 11C33 provides a low terminal pH and desirable VFA profile and reduces heating to mitigate losses and increase bunklife.

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11CFT Inoculant

A revolutionary, patented corn silage product, 11CFT improves fibre digestibility to enable higher corn silage inclusion rates.

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1189 Inoculant

Designed to improve fermentation and retain nutrient content, 1189 enhances digestibility and reduces losses in ensiled high-moisture corn.

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11B91 Inoculant

11B91 contains a unique blend of patented and proprietary strains of Lactobacillus buchneri and Lactobacillus plantarum that enhance fermentation to improve quality, reduce losses and extend bunklife of high-moisture corn silage.

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Management for Top Performance

Increase your tonnage and maximize quality with improved production practices. Get the latest agronomic resources and information, straight from our experts in the field.

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Your Seed Is Protected

LumiGEN® seed treatments

Once corn seed is in the ground, it’s vulnerable to early season insects, diseases and nematodes. LumiGEN® seed treatments represent high performing, industry leading seed applied technologies available on Pioneer genetics.

designed, verified, proven to work on Pioneer genetics

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The Silage Zone® Resource Centre

From planting through storage and feeding, the Silage Zone® Resource is your one-stop resource for every stage of forage production. Get cutting-edge management tips straight from the global Pioneer team of agronomists and nutritionists.

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