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Higher Fibre Digestibility for Better Milk Production

Increased Fibre Digestibility for Better Milk Production

If higher milk production is what you’re after, there’s no comparison. Pioneer® brand BMR corn silage offers outstanding fibre digestibility, which leads to higher feed consumption among high producing cows. It’s high-quality silage for better cow performance.

Better Overall Health & Milk Production

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  • Feeding high quality, high forage diets can help improve the overall health of a dairy herd. • University of Wisconsin-Madison studies2 show that using BMR versus standard corn silage can increase milk production by 1.5 kgs per day.
  • BMR hybrids have lower levels of undigested fibre (uNDF) than standard corn silage hybrids – a critical attribute for improving forage intake and dairy cow performance.

Higher Digestibility for Peak Performance

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  • BMR hybrids have less lignin content and average 7-percentage points higher 24 hour fibre digestibility than competitor’s non-BMR corn silage.
  • When fed to high producing dairy cows, BMR corn silage can increase dry matter intake which may result in greater milk production. 

Higher Feed Intake

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Dairy cows consume more corn silage when it contains lower levels of undigested fibre (uNDF, 240hr, % DM). Pioneer® brand BMR corn silage products averages 3-percentage points lower in undigested fibre compared to leading competitor’s standard corn silage.

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Unmatched Research Delivering Results

Continued research by Pioneer has led to BMR products with fibre digestibility gains as well as improved yield, agronomics and disease resistance. Backed by Corteva AgriscienceTM, Pioneer will continue to be a leader in providing top-performing BMR products for improved digestibility and higher milk production.

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Find the Right Product for Every Acre

Pioneer® brand BMR products offer the high fibre digestibility and starch content with strong agronomics and disease resistance. Experience the high performance of Pioneer BMR products on your own acres.

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1Comparing fibre digestibility (NDFD-30hr) of BMR hybrids and standard corn silage hybrids in university corn silage hybrid comparison trials in WI, PA, NY (31 site-years).

2Effects of whole-plant corn silage hybrid type on intake, digestion, ruminal fermentation, and lactation performance by dairy cows through a meta-analysis. L.F. Ferraretto and R.D. Shaver. 2015. J. of Dairy Sci. Vol. 98, 2662-2675.