Corn Traits and Technologies

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Maximize Your Crop Potential with the Right Technology

Pioneer provides industry-leading trait options to keep your crop healthy and improve your profitability. From above- and below-ground insect protection to herbicide tolerance, our technology options help your crop achieve its full potential. 

Industry-Leading Trait Technology

Our technology options combined with elite Pioneer genetics are locally tested and proven to perform in a wide range of environments. Protect your crop against yield-robbing insects, unfavourable conditions or both.

Defend Against Yield-Robbing Insects

Above- and below-ground insects can reduce crop health and rob bushels from your bins. The right insect protection helps maximize your crop performance.

Optimum® Leptra® Hybrids

Optimum® Leptra® Hybrids

Optimum® Leptra® hybrids have a powerful pyramid of traits with three modes of action to provide superior control of above-ground pests, including corn borer, corn earworm and fall armyworm on your acres. The pyramid of traits in Optimum Leptra includes Herculex® Iinsect protection,Agrisure Viptera® and YieldGard® Corn Borer to deliver cleaner ears with less kernel damage through reduced ear feeding by these harmful pests.

Herculex® Insect Protection

Herculex® Insect Protection

Herculex® insect protection offers leading protection against corn insects for maximum yield potential. The Herculex I insect protection trait offers offers a high level of resistance to European corn borer, very good resistance to black cutworm and moderate resistance to corn earworm. Herculex XTRA contains the Herculex I and Herculex RW genes for resistance to the same pests as Herculex I as well as protection against larvae of western corn rootworm and northern corn rootworm. Advanced corn trait technology, such as the Optimum® AcreMax® family is built on the Herculex traits.

Flexibility to Guard Your Crop Against Weeds

Weeds compete with crops for essential sunlight, nutrients and water. Gain flexibility in controlling weeds by relying on the many Pioneer® brand corn hybrids with herbicide-tolerant traits to manage and protect your crop’s potential.

Glyphosate Tolerance

Glyphosate Tolerance

Pioneer® brand corn hybrids with the Roundup Ready® Corn 2 gene provide resistance to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup® herbicide.

Glufosinate Tolerance

Glufosinate Tolerance

Pioneer® brand corn hybrids with the LibertyLink® gene provide in-plant resistance to Liberty®, a postemergence herbicide that offers relatively quick contact action on many tough grass and broadleaf weeds.

Maximize Performance

Stay on top of pests to optimize your crop’s potential. The right management program complements your trait package and protects your crop genetics.

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Find the Right Product for Every Acre

The best genetics, top trait packages and extensive local field knowledge combine to deliver new products with proven performance consistency across years and environments. Use Pioneer® brand corn products to maximize yield potential on every acre.

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To protect the usefulness and availability of these technologies for the future, growers must implement an Insect Resistance management (IRM) program as specificed in product use guides.

For detailed IRM requirements for product with in-plant insect resistance, refer to the appropriate product use guide, available from your Pioneer sales professional or on the web at