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Pioneer Protector® Brand Canola

Pioneer Protector® brand canola offers high-yielding, consistently-performing canola hybrids with the added benefit of the Pioneer Protector® traits.

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Find the Right Hybrid for Every Acre

Over 1000 plots and trials in Western Canada give you the knowledge and confidence that Pioneer® brand products are bred and tested locally, to optimize success where it matters most – on your farm.

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Industry-Leading Canola Yields

Pioneer® brand canola hybrids are bred to deliver top performance, with genetics that are fine-tuned to deliver top yields in a variety of growing conditions. Put the right product on the right acre to help you reach your goals.

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Pioneer® Protector Traits

Pioneer Protector® brand canola, brought to you by Corteva Agriscience, offers high-yielding,  consistently-performing canola hybrids with the added benefit of the Pioneer Protector® traits. These traits help provide solutions to various agronomic and harvest management challenges on farmer's fields. Now available in all herbicide systems. 

Pioneer Protector

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Yield, performance and the protection of the Pioneer Protector® trait.

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Yield, Performance & Protection

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A new generation of Pioneer® Protector brand canola – the yield, performance and profitability that you have come to recognize. Now available with the LibertyLink® trait.

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Roundup Ready

Genuity® Roundup Ready® Canola

Roundup Ready® canola gives you unsurpassed versatility and outstanding yield potential. It can even tackle tough weeds – like cleavers and wild buckwheat.


Clearfield® production system

Clearfield Canola Production System

Pioneer® brand canola hybrids with the Clearfield® trait offer outstanding yield potentialand excellent weed control of the Clearfield® production system.

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Optimum® GLY

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Optimum GLY* is a breakthrough, advanced glyphosate-tolerant canola trait technology designed to optimize growth. It delivers excellent yield potential, improved crop safety, enhanced weed control and a wider window of application.


*Registration pending

Maximize Performance

Stay on top of tough-to-control and resistant weeds to help maximize yield potential. The right management program helps complement your trait package and protect the canola genetic potential.

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Lumiderm Insecticide Seed Treatment

A better start for your canola, a better harvest for you.
Lumiderm insecticide seed treatment provides excellent plant protection against both flea beetles and cutworms in one convenient bag.

Protect Your Seed Investment.

Key Grower Benefits:

  • Control of early season cutworms in canola
  • Enhanced protection against crucifer and striped flea beetles
  • New class of chemistry (Group 28) for resistance management
  • Excellent early season seedling stand establishment, vigour and biomass
  • Up to 35 days of protection through the critical stages of seedling growth

See the Lumiderm™ Difference in Cutworm Control

Cutworms are a real problem in canola production. If you’re not paying close attention to your fields, they can destroy a significant portion of your crop in a matter of days.

  • Cutworms are very difficult to detect since they typically live underground during the day and feed at night
  • During the first 35 days of seedling growth, Lumiderm helps protect your canola from cutworm feeding, which can enhance early season stand establishment and crop vigour

See the Lumiderm™ Difference in Enhancing Flea Beetle Protection

Crucifer and striped flea beetles can cause significant damage to canola crops across Western Canada. Lumiderm insecticide seed treatment offers enhanced protection against flea beetles, to help maximize your canola yield.

  • Lumiderm provided a 35% reduction in flea beetle damage, 14-35 days after seeding, in 192 trials across Western Canada*
  • Growers have achieved a 1.4 bu/acre advantage over the standard treatment, across Western Canada**

*Corteva™ Agriscience Research & Development (replicated) trials and Grower Demo strip trials (2010-2015).
**Canola yield averaged across 137 Corteva Agriscience demonstration strips in Western Canada from 2013-2015.

How do you know if Lumiderm™ insecticide seed treatment is working?

  • Cutworms usually stop feeding with as little as one or two bites of canola seedlings from canola seed treated with Lumiderm
  • Lumiderm™ is very fast acting –control is generally achieved within 72 hours of feeding


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