Pioneer Protector® Traits

Pioneer Protector? Traits?

More Ways To Protect Your Canola And Your Business

In recent years, growers have come to trust Pioneer® brand canola seed with Pioneer Protector® traits, for protection against some of the key canola diseases and harvest challenges. We are committed to developing traits that will protect your high value crop.

Pioneer Protector® Traits

Look for the Pioneer Protector® logo on high-performing canola hybrids this season. It’s a symbol of canola seed traits that protect your yield and your business.

NEW Pioneer Protector® HarvestMax CR

HarvestMax CR

New Pioneer® hybrid 45CM39 delivers both Pioneer Protector® HarvestMax and Pioneer Protector® clubroot resistance traits, with a new source of built-in clubroot resistance. This revolutionary hybrid offers exceptional yields, flexibility to swath or straight cut at harvest, provides resistance to new variants of clubroot races 2 and 3, and is rated R for blackleg.

Pioneer Protector® Plus

Pioneer Protector Plus

In 2016, Pioneer Hi-Bred Canada was the first and only company to develop a canola hybrid in Western Canada – Pioneer® hybrid 45CS40 – with built-in disease protection from both sclerotinia AND clubroot.

Pioneer Protector® HarvestMax

Pioneer Protector HarvestMax

Pioneer Hi-Bred Canada was the first company to introduce a Genuity® Roundup Ready® canola hybrid with pod shatter resistance, reducing the risk of harvest losses due to pod shatter.

Pioneer Protector® Sclerotinia*

Soybean, Corn, Canola

Since 2008, Pioneer Hi-Bred Canada has continued to introduce high-yielding canola hybrids with built-in sclerotinia resistance for Western Canadian growers.

Pioneer Protector® Clubroot

Pioneer Protector Clubroot

In 2009, Pioneer Hi-Bred Canada was the first to bring clubroot resistant canola hybrids to the market. We continue to develop high yielding hybrids to address this evolving disease challenge.

Swath Or Straight Cut - You Decide!

Heading into the growing season, there’s a lot you don’t know about your canola crop. When will you be able to plant it? When will the crop be ready for harvest? What other demands will there be on your time and your harvest equipment? Finally, will you swath or straight-cut your canola?

You need flexibility and here’s the good news. Canola hybrids with the built-in Pioneer Protector® HarvestMax trait give you more control at harvest time.

Pioneer Protector® HarvestMax Trait Delivers:

  • Swath Timing Flexibility – A wider window for swathing & harvesting allows greater time management and the option to delay harvest, giving pods more time to fill
  • Straight-Cut Option – Multiple sources of pod shatter resistance makes straight cutting a practical option
  • Reduced Pod Shatter – Reduced pod shatter means more seed in the bins and more profit!
  • Reduced Volunteers – Easier weed management in the field for next season
  • Peace of Mind – Flexibility in harvest timing and method

Maximize Performance

Stay on top of tough-to-control and resistant weeds to help maximize yield potential. The right management program helps complement your trait package and protect the canola genetic potential.

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*Field results show that Pioneer Protector® sclerotinia resistance can reduce the incidence of sclerotinia in a canola crop by over 60%. Individual results may vary. Depending on environmental and agronomic conditions, growers planting canola hybrids with the Pioneer Protector® sclerotinia resistance traits may still require afungicide application to manage sclerotinia in their crop.