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2022 Pioneer Yield Hero Yields

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Canola Yields

Town Province  Hybrid Yield (bu/ac)
Alix Alberta P509L 114.7
Sturgeon County Alberta P509L 71.8
Redwater Alberta P505MSL 71.8
Redwater Alberta P505MSL 71.6
Sturgeon County Alberta P505MSL 70.9
Sturgeon County Alberta P516L 69.4
Sturgeon County Alberta P612L 68.6
Stony Plain Alberta 44H44 68.5
Marwayne Alberta 45CM39 68.0
Redwater Alberta P612L 67.7
Marwayne Alberta 45H42 67.6
Marwayne Alberta 44H44 66.9
Alix Alberta P505MSL 66.8
Alix Alberta P505MSL 66.8
Marwayne Alberta 45CS40 66.2
Redwater Alberta P509L 65.8
Redwater Alberta P516L 65.7
Alix Alberta P509L 65.6
Stony Plain Alberta 45H42 65.1
Stony Plain Alberta 44H44 65.0
Stony Plain Alberta 45CM39 63.8
Stony Plain Alberta 45H42 63.6
Alix Alberta P506ML 63.5
Warspite Alberta 45H42 63.1
Vermillion Alberta P505MSL 62.7
Stony Plain Alberta 45CM39 61.8
St Vincent Alberta P509L 61.8
Lloydminster Alberta P505MSL 61.2


Corn Yields

Town Province  Hybrid Yield (bu/ac)
Rolling Hills Alberta P7389AM 199.7
Rolling Hills Alberta P7527AM 196.7
Rolling Hills Alberta P7574AM 194.9
Taber Alberta P7822AM 187.5
Rainier Alberta P7211AM 186.0
Rainier Alberta P7389AM 183.8
Taber Alberta P7574AM 183.2
Taber Alberta P7211AM 181.4
Taber Alberta P7844AM 180.9
Taber Alberta P7389AM 180.4
Rolling Hills Alberta P7211AM 178.1
Barwell Alberta P7822AM 176.3
Rolling Hills Alberta P7417AM 176.2
Brooks Alberta P7211AM 175.9
Brooks Alberta P7389AM 175.2
Barwell Alberta P7574AM 175.0
Barwell Alberta P7958AM 173.6
Brooks Alberta P7574AM 170.8
Barwell Alberta P7844AM 167.5
Brooks Alberta P7211AM 167.2
Taber Alberta P7822AM 165.2
Taber Alberta P7574AM 160.7
Brooks Alberta P7211AM 160.7
Barwell Alberta P7527AM 160.3
Barwell Alberta P7861AM 160.0
Taber Alberta P7958AM 158.3
Taber Alberta P7844AM 157.7
Brooks Alberta P7417AM 154.8


Canola Yields

Town Province Hybrid Yield (bu/ac)
Leoville Saskatchewan P505MSL 80.1
Leoville Saskatchewan P501L 77.2
Leoville Saskatchewan P612L 76.9
Leoville Saskatchewan P506ML 76.5
Leoville Saskatchewan P509L 74.8
Leoville Saskatchewan P516L 73.9
Shellbrook Saskatchewan 45H42 72.7
Edam Saskatchewan 44H44 72.5
Shellbrook Saskatchewan 45M35 71.6
Shellbrook Saskatchewan 45CS40 71.4
Lloydminster Saskatchewan 45CM39 71.0
Shellbrook Saskatchewan 44H44 69.2
Edam Saskatchewan P506ML 68.0
Rose Valley Saskatchewan 45CM39 68.0
Shellbrook Saskatchewan 45CM39 67.8
Lloydminster Saskatchewan P612L 66.4
Regina Saskatchewan 45H42 66.3
Esterhazy Saskatchewan P509L 66.1
North Battleford Saskatchewan 45CM39 65.6
Rose Valley Saskatchewan P506ML 65.5
Regina Saskatchewan 45CM39 65.4
North Battleford Saskatchewan 44H44 65.0
Spiritwood Saskatchewan P502CL 64.7
Spiritwood Saskatchewan P508MCL 63.6
Lanigan Saskatchewan 45H42 63.6
Paradise Hill Saskatchewan 45CM39 63.4
Lloydminster Saskatchewan P509L 63.2
Delmas Saskatchewan P509L 63.2
Edam Saskatchewan P516L 63.2
Lanigan Saskatchewan P516L 63.1
Delmas Saskatchewan P506ML 62.9
Delmas Saskatchewan P612L 62.8
Spiritwood Saskatchewan P607CL 62.8
North Battleford Saskatchewan 45CS40 62.8
Lloydminster Saskatchewan P516L 62.7
Lanigan Saskatchewan P506ML 62.6
Paradise Hill Saskatchewan 45H42 62.4
Delmas Saskatchewan P516L 62.4
Lanigan Saskatchewan 45CM39 62.3
Lanigan Saskatchewan 45M35 62.2
Lloydminster Saskatchewan P506ML 62.1
Lloydminster Saskatchewan 45H42 62.1
Paradise Hill Saskatchewan 44H44 62.0
Delmas Saskatchewan P505MSL 62.0
Glenbush Saskatchewan P505MSL 62.0
Rose Valley Saskatchewan 45H42 62.0
Lloydminster Saskatchewan P509L 61.9
Lloydminster Saskatchewan P505MSL 61.4
Lloydminster Saskatchewan P505MSL 61.2
Lanigan Saskatchewan P612L 61.1




Soybean Yields

Town Province Hybrid Yield (bu/ac)
North Battleford Saskatchewan P001A48X 37.9
North Battleford Saskatchewan P000A24E 37.4
North Battleford Saskatchewan P003A97X 34.0
North Battleford Saskatchewan P0007A73X 29.8


Soybean Yields

Town Province Variety Yield (bu/acre)
Ste Anne  Manitoba P006A37X 69.9
Rosengart Manitoba P006A37X 69.7
STE ANNE Manitoba P006A37X 69.1
Ridgeville Manitoba P00A49X 67.1
Altona Manitoba P006A37X 66.9
Ste Anne  Manitoba P006A37X 66.7
Ste Anne  Manitoba P00A49X 66.5
Ste Anne  Manitoba P00A75X 66.5
Carman Manitoba P003A97X 66.2
Tourond Manitoba P006A37X 66.2
Carman Manitoba P00A75X 65.9
Ste Anne  Manitoba P00A75X 65.5
Carman Manitoba P005A59E 64.5
Carman Manitoba P001A48X 64.4
Carman Manitoba P006A37X 64.1
Carman Manitoba P005A83X 64.0
Carman Manitoba P00A49X 63.5
Altona Manitoba P006A37X 63.0
Altona Manitoba P00A49X 62.9
Stanley Manitoba P006A37X 62.8
Tourond Manitoba P00A75X 62.6
Altona Manitoba P00A49X 62.5
Roland Manitoba P00A49X 62.2
Carman Manitoba P005A27X 61.7
Morris Manitoba P00A75X 61.4
Carman Manitoba P006A37X 61.3
La Salle Manitoba P006A37X 60.5
Brandon Manitoba P006A37X 60.2
La Salle Manitoba P006A37X 60.2
Stanley Manitoba P005A83X 60.1
Brandon Manitoba P003A97X 59.3
Morris Manitoba P00A49X 59.0
Brandon Manitoba P001A48X 58.8
Notre Dame De Lourdes Manitoba P003A97X 58.8
Notre Dame De Lourdes Manitoba P003A97X 58.7
Stanley Manitoba P00A49X 58.6
Brandon Manitoba P006A37X 58.4
Stanley Manitoba P005A27X 58.2
Morden Manitoba P00A49X 58.2
Carman Manitoba P006A37X 58.2
Morden Manitoba P006A37X 57.2
Ridgeville Manitoba P006A37X 57.0
Brandon Manitoba P005A83X 56.9
Grunthal Manitoba P007A08X 56.8
Brandon Manitoba P006A37X 56.3
Brandon Manitoba P006A37X 56.1
OakBank Manitoba P001A48X 56.1
Morden Manitoba P005A83X 55.4
Brandon Manitoba P005A27X 55.4
Grunthal Manitoba P00A49X 55.4
Blumenfeld Manitoba P006A37X 55.2
Carman Manitoba P003A97X 55.0
Hamiota Manitoba P005A59E 53.9
Halbstadt Manitoba P00A75X 53.4
Carman Manitoba P005A27X 53.2
Ridgeville Manitoba P007A08X 52.9
Landmark Manitoba P00A75X 51.6
Halbstadt Manitoba P00A49X 50.8
Hamiota Manitoba P000A24E 50.7
Carman Manitoba P006A37X 49.7
Carman Manitoba P005A27X 49.4
Halbstadt Manitoba P006A37X 49.2
Landmark Manitoba P006A37X 48.2
Morden Manitoba P005A83X 47.8
Halbstadt Manitoba P005A27X 47.7
Brunkild Manitoba P00A49X 47.7
Carman Manitoba P005A59E 47.7
Morden Manitoba P006A37X 47.4
Crystal City Manitoba P006A37X 47.1
La Salle Manitoba P006A37X 46.9
Morden Manitoba P00A75X 45.7
Crystal City Manitoba P006A37X 44.6
Brunkild Manitoba P003A97X 44.0
Brunkild Manitoba P006A37X 43.8
Morden Manitoba P00A49X 43.7
Brunkild Manitoba P001A48X 43.6
Brunkild Manitoba P005A83X 43.5
Halbstadt Manitoba P005A83X 42.9
Brunkild Manitoba P005A27X 40.6
Belleview Manitoba P001A48X 40.3
Bowsman Manitoba P000A24E 30.6

Corn Yields

Town Province Variety Yield (bu/acre)
Schanzenfeld Manitoba P8588AM 220.6
Winkler Manitoba P8602AM 215.9
Altona Manitoba P8407AM 212.5
Stanley Manitoba P9188AM 211.9
Winkler Manitoba P8588AM 211.7
Altona Manitoba P8537AM 210.6
Stanley Manitoba P8407AM 210.2
Winkler Manitoba P8588AM 209.6
Altona Manitoba P8588AM 206.9
Winkler Manitoba P8588AM 206.9
Stanley Manitoba P7822AM 205.6
Stanley Manitoba P8588AM 205.6
Stanley Manitoba P8588AM 205.2
Stanley Manitoba P7574AM 204.1
Stanley Manitoba P8294AM 204.1
Stanley Manitoba P8588AM 203.9
Altona Manitoba P7822AM 202.6
Altona Manitoba P8588AM 201.6
Altona Manitoba P8588AM 201.2
Morden Manitoba P7822AM 201.2
Altona Manitoba P8588AM 200.8
Stanley Manitoba P8537AM 200.5
Carman Manitoba P7822AM 200.2
Altona Manitoba P7958AM 197.0
Winkler Manitoba P8588AM 196.3
Tourond Manitoba P7527AM 195.2
Stanley Manitoba P7958AM 194.9
Morden Manitoba P8588AM 194.6
Stanley Manitoba P7861AM 194.0
Altona Manitoba P7844AM 192.0
Stanley Manitoba P7389AM 191.9
Stanley Manitoba P7844AM 191.8
Niverville Manitoba P7822AM 191.6
Altona Manitoba P7861AM 190.2
Winkler Manitoba P7861AM 190.1
Winkler Manitoba P7958AM 190.0
Morden Manitoba P8407AM 189.6
Roland Manitoba P7822AM 189.2
Altona Manitoba P8048AM 188.7
Winkler Manitoba P8588AM 188.7
Altona Manitoba P7417AM 187.4
Niverville Manitoba P7527AM 187.2
Niverville Manitoba P7844AM 187.2
Kleefeld Manitoba P7822AM 186.5
Altona Manitoba P7844AM 186.4
Carman Manitoba P7822AM 186.1
Niverville Manitoba P7389AM 184.9
Niverville Manitoba P7861AM 184.1
Altona Manitoba P7389AM 182.3
Stanley Manitoba P7527AM 182.3
Carman Manitoba P7844AM 182.3
Stanley Manitoba P8048AM 182.1
Rosenort Manitoba P7455R 182.1
Kleefeld Manitoba P7844AM 182.0
Rosenort Manitoba P7211YHR 181.4
Roland Manitoba P7455R 181.2
Altona Manitoba P7844AM 180.3
Carman Manitoba P7527AM 180.1
Stanley Manitoba P7455R 179.7
Morden Manitoba P8048AM 179.5
Altona Manitoba P8234AM 179.0
Roland Manitoba P7844AM 179.0
Carman Manitoba P7958AM 178.8
Carman Manitoba P8048AM 178.4
Morden Manitoba P7844AM 178.3
Winkler Manitoba P8588AM 177.5
Morden Manitoba P7822AM 177.4
Stanley Manitoba P7211AM 177.4
Roland Manitoba P8537AM 177.0
Kleefeld Manitoba P7527AM 176.9
Altona Manitoba P7958AM 176.7
Altona Manitoba P7844AM 176.3
Niverville Manitoba P7455R 176.2
Carman Manitoba P7822AM 175.9
Kleefeld Manitoba P7861AM 175.9
Carman Manitoba P7844AM 175.5
Kleefeld Manitoba P7574AM 175.5
Tourond Manitoba P7455R 175.0
Carman Manitoba P7455R 174.6
Altona Manitoba P8588AM 174.4
Morden Manitoba P7844AM 174.3
Stanley Manitoba P8989AM 172.6
Carman Manitoba P7455R 172.5
Carman Manitoba P7455R 172.3
Roland Manitoba P7844AM 172.0
Carman Manitoba P7844AM 171.5
Altona Manitoba P7822AM 171.4
Portage La Prairie Manitoba P7455R 170.2
Carman Manitoba P7527AM 169.7
Carman Manitoba P7861R 169.2
Carman Manitoba P7389AM 169.0
Altona Manitoba P7527AM 168.9
Carman Manitoba P7389AM 168.8
Roland Manitoba P7417AM 168.7
Morden Manitoba P7958AM 168.6
Carman Manitoba P8588AM 168.5
Morden Manitoba P7574AM 168.4
Altona Manitoba P7527AM 168.4
Carman Manitoba P7822AM 167.8
Carman Manitoba P7861YHR 167.8
Altona Manitoba P7844AM 167.7
Morden Manitoba P7861AM 167.2
Roland Manitoba P8588AM 167.0
Carman Manitoba P8048AM 166.4
Carman Manitoba P7861YHR 165.7
Carman Manitoba P7822AM 165.6
Carman Manitoba P7389AM 165.3
Carman Manitoba P7455R 165.2
Morden Manitoba P7844AM 165.0
Carman Manitoba P7455R 164.3
Altona Manitoba P8048AM 163.7
Altona Manitoba P7861AM 162.5
Carman Manitoba P7527AM 162.0
Carman Manitoba P7417AM 161.6
Carman Manitoba P7861AM 161.6
Carman Manitoba P7417AM 161.4
Carman Manitoba P7417AM 161.4
Carman Manitoba P7211AM 161.2
Roseisle Manitoba P7958AM 161.2
Carman Manitoba P7844AM 160.7
Roland Manitoba P7455R 160.4
MacGregor Manitoba P7527AM 160.4
Roseisle Manitoba P7574AM 160.1
Carman Manitoba P7844AM 159.9
Stanley Manitoba P6910R 159.7
STE ROSE DU LAC Manitoba P7455R 159.6
Roseisle Manitoba P7861AM 159.6
Carman Manitoba P7844AM 159.5
Morden Manitoba P7527AM 159.1
Carman Manitoba P7822AM 158.7
Miami Manitoba P7861AM 158.7
Carman Manitoba P8048AM 158.3
Carman Manitoba P7389AM 158.2
Carman Manitoba P7455R 157.9
Carman Manitoba P7958AM 157.4
Carman Manitoba P7455R 157.2
Carman Manitoba P7417AM 157.0
Miami Manitoba P7844AM 157.0
Miami Manitoba P7822AM 156.0
Roland Manitoba P7389AM 155.4
STE ROSE DU LAC Manitoba P7211AM 155.2
Miami Manitoba P7389AM 154.9
Miami Manitoba P7455R 154.8
Carman Manitoba P7958AM 154.4
Carman Manitoba P7389AM 153.8
Carman Manitoba P7527AM 152.4
Miami Manitoba P8048AM 152.2
STE ROSE DU LAC Manitoba P7202AM 152.0
STE ROSE DU LAC Manitoba P6910R 151.6
Roseisle Manitoba P7455R 151.2
Roseisle Manitoba P7844AM 150.2
Miami Manitoba P7211YHR 149.4
Roseisle Manitoba P7861AM 149.3
Carman Manitoba P7417AM 149.2
Miami Manitoba P7211YHR 149.2
STE ROSE DU LAC Manitoba P7211YHR 148.2
Roseisle Manitoba P7527AM 147.1
STE ROSE DU LAC Manitoba P7417AM 146.9
Roseisle Manitoba P7844AM 145.2
Roseisle Manitoba P7417AM 141.4
STE ROSE DU LAC Manitoba P7389AM 139.6
STE ROSE DU LAC Manitoba P7005AM 137.5
Carman Manitoba P7211AM 135.8
Roseisle Manitoba P7211AM 133.3

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Previous Yield Hero Winners

2021 Winners

Grower Name Town Province Crop Hybrid Yield(bu/ac)
Tea Creek Farms LTD Charlie Lake  BC Canola P506ML 66.1
Trenchuk &Sons Ltd. Smoky Lake  AB  Canola P506ML 73.2
JOJ Cattle Co Ltd Marwayne  AB  Canola P506ML 56.8
Zealand Farm Ltd Panoka  AB  Canola 45CM39 72.1
KT Leischner Farms Innisfail  AB  Canola P501L 72.5
Dyce Cattle Company Inc. Willow Creek  AB  Canola 45M35 52.8
Woidyla Farms Indian Head  SK Canola P506ML 51
Hudy; Mitchell Melville SK Canola 46H75 58.2
Mike's Welding & Ag Ltd. Carlyle SK Canola 45CM39 53.3
Krauss; Aaron Mazenod SK Canola P509L 26
Cadrain Farms Inc. Leask SK Canola 45CM39 66.5
Schafer; Ed Makwa SK Canola 45CM39 63.2
Arsenie; Todd Melfort  SK Canola 45CM39 56.4
SS Landco Ltd Stump Lake  SK Canola P501L 50.6
Little Rainbow Ranch Ltd Moosomin MB Canola P506ML 77.5
Oakland Colony Farms Ltd. Carroll MB Corn P7417AM 190.8
Woodgrain Enterprises Inc. Ridgeville MB Corn P8588AM 234.2
Hidden Valley Colony Austin MB Corn P7417AM 217.3
Terry Hines Marwayne  AB Silage Corn  P7202AM 21.3 ton/ac
Tetreault; Vince Spiritwood SK Silage Corn  P7005AM 14.75 ton/ac
Klassen; Sheldon Steinbach  MB Silage Corn  P8736AM 23.65 ton/ac
Rick & Val Katerenchuk Sturgeon County AB Canola P506ML  73.4
Tetrj Farms Leoville SK Canola P501L  61.504
JDJ Farms  Roblin  MB Canola 45CM39  70.2
Sunnyside Colony Farms Newton Siding MB  Soybeans P006A37X 72.8
Toews Valley Farm Ltd Winkler  MB Corn P8588AM 205.8
Solonenko Farms  Yorkton  SK Soybeans P001A48X 58
Ob Holdings Ltd Marwayne  AB Canola P506ML  45.3
Kurt Brown  Rossburn MB Canola P508MCL 56
Minke; Graem Yorkton  SK Canola P506ML  50.5


2020 Winners

Grower Name Town Province Product Yield(bu/ac) Crop
GV Colony Farms Ltd Grande Prairie  AB  P501L  78.2 Canola 
West Legal Farms Ltd Sturgeon County  AB  P501L  93 Canola 
McLaughlin Agri-Ventures  Mannville  AB  P501L  69.6 Canola 
Lewis Farms Ltd.  Spruce Grove  AB  45CM39 109.6 Canola 
Crossview Farms Ltd. Crossfield  AB  P506ML  67 Canola 
Prairie Rock Farms Ltd. Okotoks  AB  45M35 66 Canola 
S & D Devereaux Milestone  SK P501L  80 Canola 
S & D Solonenko Farms Ltd Yorkton  SK 45CM39  73.6 Canola 
James and Caleb Donald Kelvington  SK 45CM39 92.0 Canola 
Sun Tan Farm Ltd Grand Coulee SK 45CM39 65.3 Canola 
Cadrain Farms Inc.  Leask  SK 45CM39 77.7 Canola 
Tim Amendt Spiritwood  SK 45CS40  64.6 Canola 
Youzwa Farms Inc Nipawin  SK P502CL 70.6 Canola 
Brian Nykiforuk Borden  SK 45CM39 65.7 Canola 
Lee Flannery  McAuley  MB P501L  79.1 Canola 
Curtis & Michelle Harrish  Calmar  AB  45CM39 91.6 Canola 
Skopyk Enterprises Radisson  SK P502CL 67.4 Canola 
Little Rainbow Ranch  Moosomin SK 45H42 77.4 Canola 
Pritchard Brothers Ltd Treherne  MB P7527AM 168.2 Corn - Grain 
Toews Valley Farm Ltd Winkler  MB P8588AM 216.6 Corn - Grain 
Maxwell Colony Farms Cartier  MB  P7211AM  190.3 Corn - Grain 
Foothills Farms  Winkler  MB  P8588AM 212 Corn - Grain 
Mellowdale Dairy Ltd Barrhead  AB  P7213R  30.98 Corn - Silage 
Rick Freeman Farms Ltd Weyburn  SK  P7455R 11.25 Corn - Silage 
Roswitha Holsteins  Ltd Steinbach  MB  P9233Q 26.76 Corn - Silage 
Brantwood Colony Farms  Portage la Prairie  MB  P007A08X 61.9 Soybean 


Sustainable Grower of the Year: Crossview Farms


Innovative Grower of the Year: Mellowdale Dairy Ltd.


2019 Winners

Grower Name Town Province Crop Hybrid Yield(bu/ac)
David Bosma Fairview AB Canola 45CS40 78.3
Chett Wild Acheson AB Canola 45CM39 79.8
Nathan Reinhardt Didsbury AB Canola 45CS40 87.1
Sheldon Trenchuk Smoky Lake AB Canola 45H33 71.2
Douglas Patterson Nanton AB Canola 45M35 73.5
Chad Skinner Indian Head SK Canola 45M35 67.4
Lee Williams Grand Coulee SK Canola P501L 62.3
Wade Thorsteinson Foothills AB Canola 45CM39 73.9
Jeff Keller Melfort SK Canola 45CM39 85.3
Vince Tetreault Spiritwood SK Canola 45CS40 68.3
Guy Cadrain Leask SK Canola 45CM39 82.5
Kevin Woods Moosomin SK Canola 45CM39 88.9
Darcy Sarafinchan Lavoy AB Canola P501L 88.3
Aaron Danvin Spiritwood SK Canola   P501L 84.6
Sean Eggie Swan River MB Canola P501L 75.8
Bob Cornish Rockyview County AB Canola 45M38 72.6
Lisa Boxall Tisdale SK Canola 45CM39 78.2
Michael Hrabarchuk Durban MB Canola 45CM39 81.5
Dale Litke Crossfield AB Canola P501L 82.5
Henry Dargis St. Vincent AB Canola P501L 76.66
Andrew Hofer Grande Prairie AB Canola P501L 76
Cortney Solonenko Stornoway SK Canola P501L 76.9
Wade McNeil Yorkton SK Canola P501L 72
Mitchell Hudy Melville SK Canola P501L 73.34
Craig Andres Roblin MB Canola P501L 70.3
Cliff Seward Manitou MB Canola P501L 69.59
Anthony Miller Swan River MB Canola P501L 63.4
Marvin Dyck Roseisle MB Corn P7958AM 221.8
Arthur Bell Boissevain MB Corn P7527AM 171.2
Richard Heide Winkler MB Corn P8234AM 196.3
Peter Waldner Macgregor MB Corn P8387AM 237.1
Peter Sturkenboom Westlock AB Corn – Silage   P6909R 14.84
Stefan Signer Kleefeld MB Corn – Silage   P8736AM 22.28
Wesley Mitrenga Yorkton SK Soybean P002A63R 53.89
Trevor Mealy Minto MB Soybean P005A27X 51.7