2020 Yield Hero Contest

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The Pioneer Yield Hero Contest is an opportunity to celebrate your high yields, the patnership and support of your Pioneer Sales Reps, as well as your success.

Join our growing list of heroes who grow Pioneer® brand seed products. 



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2019 Yield Hero Winners

Grower Name Town Province Product Hybrid Yield(bu/ac)
David Bosma Fairview AB Canola 45CS40 78.3
Chett Wild Acheson AB Canola 45CM39 79.8
Nathan Reinhardt Didsbury AB Canola 45CS40 87.1
Sheldon Trenchuk Smoky Lake AB Canola 45H33 71.2
Douglas Patterson Nanton AB Canola 45M35 73.5
Chad Skinner Indian Head SK Canola 45M35 67.4
Lee Williams Grand Coulee SK Canola P501L 62.3
Wade Thorsteinson Foothills AB Canola 45CM39 73.9
Jeff Keller Melfort SK Canola 45CM39 85.3
Vince Tetreault Spiritwood SK Canola 45CS40 68.3
Guy Cadrain Leask SK Canola 45CM39 82.5
Kevin Woods Moosomin SK Canola 45CM39 88.9
Darcy Sarafinchan Lavoy AB Canola P501L 88.3
Aaron Danvin Spiritwood SK Canola   P501L 84.6
Sean Eggie Swan River MB Canola P501L 75.8
Bob Cornish Rockyview County AB Canola 45M38 72.6
Lisa Boxall Tisdale SK Canola 45CM39 78.2
Michael Hrabarchuk Durban MB Canola 45CM39 81.5
Dale Litke Crossfield AB Canola P501L 82.5
Henry Dargis St. Vincent AB Canola P501L 76.66
Andrew Hofer Grande Prairie AB Canola P501L 76
Cortney Solonenko Stornoway SK Canola P501L 76.9
Wade McNeil Yorkton SK Canola P501L 72
Mitchell Hudy Melville SK Canola P501L 73.34
Craig Andres Roblin MB Canola P501L 70.3
Cliff Seward Manitou MB Canola P501L 69.59
Anthony Miller Swan River MB Canola P501L 63.4
Marvin Dyck Roseisle MB Corn P7958AM 221.8
Arthur Bell Boissevain MB Corn P7527AM 171.2
Richard Heide Winkler MB Corn P8234AM 196.3
Peter Waldner Macgregor MB Corn P8387AM 237.1
Peter Sturkenboom Westlock AB Corn – Silage   P6909R 14.84
Stefan Signer Kleefeld MB Corn – Silage   P8736AM 22.28
Wesley Mitrenga Yorkton SK Soybean P002A63R 53.89
Trevor Mealy Minto MB Soybean P005A27X 51.7

2019 Pioneer Yield Hero Winners

2019 Pioneer Yield Hero Winners

2019 Pioneer Yield Hero Winners at the Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas. 

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(Yields have not been adjusted for moisture)

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Province Town Crop Pioneer® brand Seed Product Yield(bu/ac)
Manitoba Birtle Canola P501L 57.5
Manitoba Reston Canola P501L 43.3
Manitoba Reston Canola P501L 43.2
Manitoba Benito Canola P501L 64.3
Manitoba Brandon Canola 45CM39 51.8
Manitoba Virden Canola 45CM39 49
Manitoba Notre Dame de Lourdes Canola 45CM39 66.1
Manitoba Grandview Canola 45CM39 53.1
Manitoba Mcauley Canola 45CM39 52.8
Manitoba Notre Dame de Lourdes Canola 45CM39 66.1
Manitoba Fork River Canola 45CM39 58.3
Manitoba Roblin Canola 45CM39 66.9
Manitoba Mcauley Canola 45CM39 52.8
Manitoba Swan River Canola 45CM39 54.5
Manitoba Swan River Canola 45CM39 52.2
Manitoba Bowsman Canola 45CM39 39.2
Manitoba Bowsman Canola 45CM39 39.6
Manitoba Minitonas Canola 45CM39 61.3
Manitoba Mcauley Canola 45CM39 71.3
Manitoba Mcauley Canola 45CM39 75.8
Manitoba Benito Canola 45CM39 56.4
Manitoba Swan River Canola 45CM39 55.9
Manitoba Minitonas Canola 45CM39 59
Manitoba Benito Canola 45CM39 73.8
Manitoba Benito Canola 45CM39 79.6
Manitoba Benito Canola 45CM39 52.8
Manitoba Brandon Canola 45CS40 49.7
Manitoba Virden Canola 45CS40 47
Manitoba Notre Dame de Lourdes Canola 45CS40 62.6
Manitoba Fork River Canola 45CS40 60
Manitoba Roblin Canola 45CS40 62
Manitoba Mcauley Canola 45CS40 53.3
Manitoba Swan River Canola 45CS40 58.9
Manitoba Swan River Canola 45CS40 54.3
Manitoba Swan River Canola 45CS40 55
Manitoba Swan River Canola 45CS40 56.9
Manitoba Swan River Canola 45CS40 53.3
Manitoba Benito Canola 45CS40 70.3
Manitoba Benito Canola 45CS40 63.3
Manitoba Benito Canola 45CS40 63.3
Manitoba Brandon Canola 45H33 52.1
Manitoba Virden Canola 45H33 50.2
Manitoba Notre Dame de Lourdes Canola 45H33 64.1
Manitoba Fork River Canola 45H33 58.4
Manitoba Roblin Canola 45H33 65.5
Manitoba Mcauley Canola 45H33 51.8
Manitoba Swan River Canola 45H33 46.9
Manitoba Brandon Canola 45M35 53.1
Manitoba Virden Canola 45M35 50.8
Manitoba Notre Dame de Lourdes Canola 45M35 66.5
Manitoba Grandview Canola 45M35 49.9
Manitoba Mcauley Canola 45M35 52.5
Manitoba Notre Dame de Lourdes Canola 45M35 66.5
Manitoba Fork River Canola 45M35 59.2
Manitoba Fork River Canola 45M35 58.9
Manitoba Roblin Canola 45M35 63.3
Manitoba Swan River Canola 45M35 59.4
Manitoba Swan River Canola 45M35 57
Manitoba Moosomin Canola 45M35 66.1
Manitoba Grandview Canola 45M38 45.2
Manitoba Mcauley Canola 45M38 53.7
Manitoba Notre Dame de Lourdes Canola 45M38 65
Manitoba Fork River Canola 45M38 57.8
Manitoba Swan River Canola 45M38 56.2
Manitoba Bowsman Canola 45M38 45.6
Manitoba Bowsman Canola 45M38 43.2
Manitoba Bowsman Canola 45M38 41.2
Manitoba Bowsman Canola 45M38 51.6
Manitoba Minitonas Canola 45M38 57.9
Manitoba Benito Canola 45M38 49.4
Manitoba Morris Canola 45H76 49.4
Manitoba Morris Canola 45H76 48.5
Manitoba Sperling Canola 45H76 47.4
Manitoba Clandeboye Canola 45H76 46.8
Manitoba Morris Canola 46H75 49
Manitoba Sperling Canola 46H75 44.9
Manitoba Clandeboye Canola 46H75 46
Manitoba Morris Canola 46H75 48.2
Manitoba Morris Canola 46H75 38.4
Manitoba Sperling Canola 46H75 41.7
Manitoba Dauphin Canola 46H75 48.6
Manitoba Birch River Canola 46H75 60.3
Manitoba Birch River Canola 46H75 63.8
Manitoba Swan River Canola 46H75 50
Manitoba Bowsman Canola 46H75 56
Manitoba Bowsman Canola 46H75 55.9
Manitoba Dauphin Canola P502CL 48.6
Manitoba Roseisle Corn P7958AM 221.8
Manitoba Roseisle Corn P7958AM 191.6
Manitoba Morden Corn P7861R 175.3
Manitoba Carman Corn P7417AM 171.1
Manitoba Morden Corn P7455R 169.1
Manitoba Carman Corn P7455R 168.9
Manitoba Roland Corn P7958AM 167.2
Manitoba Morden Corn P7940AM 165.6
Manitoba Altona Corn P7940AM 165
Manitoba Altona Corn P7958AM 164.8
Manitoba Altona Corn P7940AM 164.1
Manitoba Morden Corn P7527AM 162.9
Manitoba   Corn P7455R 160.9
Manitoba Morden Corn P7940AM 160.1
Manitoba Altona Corn P7455R 159.8
Manitoba Roland Corn P7861R 159.3
Manitoba Winkler Corn P7527AM 159.3
Manitoba Altona Corn P7940AM 159.1
Manitoba Morden Corn P7417R 158.5
Manitoba Altona Corn P7527AM 158.2
Manitoba Altona Corn P7958AM 157.7
Manitoba Carman Corn P7527AM 157.2
Manitoba Carman Corn P7455R 156.8
Manitoba Winkler Corn P7455R 156
Manitoba Carman Corn P7527AM 155.7
Manitoba Carman Corn P7417AM 155.4
Manitoba Carman Corn P7940AM 155.3
Manitoba Morden Corn P7455R 155.1
Manitoba Carman Corn P7455R 154.5
Manitoba Roland Corn P7455R 153.9
Manitoba Carman Corn P7940AM 152.2
Manitoba Carman Corn P7211AM 152.1
Manitoba Altona Corn P7861AM 151.8
Manitoba Winkler Corn P7861R 151.7
Manitoba Carman Corn P7861R 151.6
Manitoba Winkler Corn P7527AM 151.6
Manitoba Altona Corn P7861R 151.4
Manitoba Carman Corn P7417AM 150.9
Manitoba Morden Corn P7211AM 150.1
Manitoba Roland Corn P7417AM 149.4
Manitoba   Corn P7958AM 148.5
Manitoba Roland Corn P7940AM 147.9
Manitoba Carman Corn P7455R 147
Manitoba Altona Corn P7455R 146.7
Manitoba Altona Corn P7417AM 146.7
Manitoba Winkler Corn P7940AM 145.8
Manitoba Carman Corn P7940AM 144.2
Manitoba Roland Corn P7527AM 143.9
Manitoba Carman Corn P7527AM 143.4
Manitoba Winkler Corn P7455R 142.7
Manitoba Saint Eustache  Soybean P00A75X 54.3
Manitoba Souris Soybean P001A48X 53.9
Manitoba Morden Soybean P00A75X 53.3
Manitoba Souris Soybean P006A37X 53.1
Manitoba Hamiota Soybean P006A37X 52.1
Manitoba Souris Soybean P005A83X 52
Manitoba Souris Soybean P005A83X 52
Manitoba Minto Soybean P005A27X 51.7
Manitoba Mather Soybean P001A48X 51.5
Manitoba Souris Soybean P002A63R 51.3
Manitoba Morden Soybean P00A49X 51
Manitoba Saint Eustache  Soybean P005A83X 49.9
Manitoba Mather Soybean P006A37X 49.2
Manitoba Saint Eustache  Soybean P007A08X 49.2
Manitoba Souris Soybean P005A27X 49.1
Manitoba Ste. Anne Soybean P00A49X 49.1
Manitoba Mather Soybean P005A83X 48.9
Manitoba Morden Soybean P01A84X 48.8
Manitoba Mather Soybean P005A27X 48.6
Manitoba Mather Soybean P007A08X 48.5
Manitoba Portage La Prairie Soybean P007A90R 48.5
Manitoba Hamiota Soybean P005A83X 47.7
Manitoba Souris Soybean P007A08X 47.7
Manitoba Mather Soybean P007A90R 47.2
Manitoba Steinbach Soybean P02A33X 46.9
Manitoba Hamiota Soybean P005A27X 46.7
Manitoba Steinbach Soybean P01A84X 46.7
Manitoba Mather Soybean P002A63R 46.6
Manitoba Mather Soybean P003A97X 46.6
Manitoba Souris Soybean P003A97X 46.5
Manitoba Souris Soybean P007A90R 46.5
Manitoba Morden Soybean P007A08X 46.5
Manitoba Souris Soybean P006A37X 46.2
Manitoba Saint Eustache  Soybean P006A37X 45.8
Manitoba Mather Soybean P005A27X 45.7
Manitoba Hamiota Soybean P001A48X 45.5
Manitoba Ste. Anne Soybean P007A90R 45.5
Manitoba Hamiota Soybean P003A97X 45.4
Manitoba Morden Soybean P006A37X 44.8
Manitoba Morden Soybean P003A97X 44.2
Manitoba Hamiota Soybean P002A63R 44
Manitoba Mather Soybean P003A97X 43.8
Manitoba Lenore Soybean P005A83X 43.7
Manitoba Lenore Soybean P006A37X 43.3
Manitoba Hamiota Soybean P005A27X 43.1
Manitoba Carmen Soybean P003A97X 43
Manitoba Virden Soybean P005A83X 42.8
Manitoba Minto Soybean P007A90R 42.8
Manitoba Carmen Soybean P00A49X 42.3
Manitoba Minto Soybean P005A83X 42.3


Province Town Crop Pioneer® brand Seed Product Yield(bu/ac)
Saskatchewan Pelly Canola 45CM39 63.8
Saskatchewan Mcauley Canola 45CM39 58.6
Saskatchewan Moosomin Canola 45CM39 62.7
Saskatchewan Mcauley Canola 45CM39 58
Saskatchewan Biggar Canola 45CM39 59.7
Saskatchewan Davidson Canola 45CM39 46.1
Saskatchewan Vanscoy Canola 45CM39 43.9
Saskatchewan   Canola 45CM39 49.3
Saskatchewan Spiritwood Canola 45CM39 47.4
Saskatchewan Spiritwood Canola 45CM39 82.5
Saskatchewan Leoville Canola 45CM39 56
Saskatchewan Wynyard Canola 45CM39 73.9
Saskatchewan Moosomin Canola 45CM39 88.1
Saskatchewan Melville Canola 45CM39 64.1
Saskatchewan Rose Valley Canola 45CM39 59
Saskatchewan Leask Canola 45CM39 58.3
Saskatchewan Leask Canola 45CM39 82.5
Saskatchewan Spiritwood Canola 45CM39 56
Saskatchewan Glenbush Canola 45CM39 44.3
Saskatchewan Spiritwood Canola 45CM39 55.7
Saskatchewan Wilkie Canola 45CS40 53.6
Saskatchewan Mayfair Canola 45CS40 64.7
Saskatchewan Langenburg Canola 45CS40 46.6
Saskatchewan Hyas Canola 45CS40 51.3
Saskatchewan Yorkton Canola 45CS40 45.9
Saskatchewan Yorkton Canola 45CS40 53.8
Saskatchewan Wynyard Canola 45CS40 54.2
Saskatchewan Killaly Canola 45CS40 48.9
Saskatchewan Sheho Canola 45CS40 56.7
Saskatchewan Arcola Canola 45CS40 40.8
Saskatchewan Moosomin Canola 45CS40 52.6
Saskatchewan Pelly Canola 45CS40 54.2
Saskatchewan Moosomin Canola 45CS40 59.4
Saskatchewan Mcauley Canola 45CS40 46.1
Saskatchewan Biggar Canola 45CS40 46.8
Saskatchewan Davidson Canola 45CS40 44.4
Saskatchewan Vanscoy Canola 45CS40 39
Saskatchewan   Canola 45CS40 53.2
Saskatchewan Spiritwood Canola 45CS40 50.7
Saskatchewan Spiritwood Canola 45CS40 80.9
Saskatchewan Leoville Canola 45CS40 68.3
Saskatchewan Wilkie Canola 45H33 53.8
Saskatchewan Mayfair Canola 45H33 63.8
Saskatchewan Langenburg Canola 45H33 47.1
Saskatchewan Hyas Canola 45H33 50.8
Saskatchewan Yorkton Canola 45H33 46.1
Saskatchewan Yorkton Canola 45H33 52.3
Saskatchewan Saltcoats Canola 45H33 33.7
Saskatchewan Wynyard Canola 45H33 51.9
Saskatchewan Killaly Canola 45H33 52.7
Saskatchewan Sheho Canola 45H33 60.7
Saskatchewan Moosomin Canola 45H33 49.6
Saskatchewan Gainsborough Canola 45H33 10
Saskatchewan Pelly Canola 45H33 61.4
Saskatchewan Moosomin Canola 45H33 57.7
Saskatchewan Mcauley Canola 45H33 49
Saskatchewan Biggar Canola 45H33 51.9
Saskatchewan Davidson Canola 45H33 45.4
Saskatchewan Vanscoy Canola 45H33 41.9
Saskatchewan   Canola 45H33 51.5
Saskatchewan Spiritwood Canola 45H33 44.1
Saskatchewan Spiritwood Canola 45H33 80.3
Saskatchewan Leoville Canola 45H33 55.5
Saskatchewan Spiritwood Canola 45H33 58.6
Saskatchewan Spiritwood Canola 45H33 58.9
Saskatchewan Wilkie Canola 45M35 53.3
Saskatchewan Mayfair Canola 45M35 58
Saskatchewan Langenburg Canola 45M35 48.9
Saskatchewan Yorkton Canola 45M35 53.4
Saskatchewan Yorkton Canola 45M35 55.5
Saskatchewan Saltcoats Canola 45M35 31.4
Saskatchewan Wynyard Canola 45M35 53.7
Saskatchewan Killaly Canola 45M35 55.2
Saskatchewan Sheho Canola 45M35 62.7
Saskatchewan Arcola Canola 45M35 47
Saskatchewan Moosomin Canola 45M35 58.9
Saskatchewan Pelly Canola 45M35 61.9
Saskatchewan Mcauley Canola 45M35 51.1
Saskatchewan Moosomin Canola 45M35 60.9
Saskatchewan Biggar Canola 45M35 60.2
Saskatchewan Davidson Canola 45M35 48.9
Saskatchewan   Canola 45M35 48.7
Saskatchewan Leoville Canola 45M35 55.5
Saskatchewan Carlyle Canola 45M35 60.1
Saskatchewan Rose Valley Canola 45M35 63.7
Saskatchewan Mcauley Canola 45M38 55.2
Saskatchewan Biggar Canola 45M38 59.5
Saskatchewan Davidson Canola 45M38 42.8
Saskatchewan Wilkie Canola 45H37 52.9
Saskatchewan Mayfair Canola 45H37 56.4
Saskatchewan Spiritwood Canola 45H37 84.6
Saskatchewan Leoville Canola 45H37 51.4
Saskatchewan Spiritwood Canola 45H37 59.2
Saskatchewan Spiritwood Canola 45H37 36.2
Saskatchewan Wawota Canola 45H76 56
Saskatchewan Moosomin Canola 46H75 52.3
Saskatchewan Moosomin Canola 46H75 51.6
Saskatchewan Mcauley Canola 46H75 58.6
Saskatchewan Vanscoy Canola 46H75 48.7
Saskatchewan Mcauley Canola P502CL 50.1
Saskatchewan Gerald Soybean P003A97X 57.7
Saskatchewan Gerald Soybean P005A27X 57.2
Saskatchewan Gerald Soybean P005A83X 56.1
Saskatchewan Gerald Soybean P002A63R 55.5
Saskatchewan Yorkton Soybean P002A63R 55
Saskatchewan Gerald Soybean P001A48X 53.1
Saskatchewan Melfort Soybean P002A63R 45.7
Saskatchewan Melfort Soybean P002A63R 45.2
Saskatchewan Arcola Soybean P005A27X 43.7
Saskatchewan Melfort Soybean P001A48X 42
Saskatchewan Melfort Soybean P0007A73X 39.6
Saskatchewan Arcola Soybean P003A97X 39.4
Saskatchewan Gainsborough Soybean P006A37X 37.1
Saskatchewan Arcola Soybean P005A83X 36.6
Saskatchewan Yorkton Soybean P001A48X 36.2
Saskatchewan Yorkton Soybean P005A83X 35.8
Saskatchewan Gainsborough Soybean P005A27X 35
Saskatchewan Carlyle Soybean P002A63R 33.6
Saskatchewan Gainsborough Soybean P005A83X 33.5
Saskatchewan Yorkton Soybean P002A63R 33
Saskatchewan Vibank Soybean P005A83X 32.1
Saskatchewan Vibank Soybean P006A37X 31.6
Saskatchewan Yorkton Soybean P003A97X 31.5
Saskatchewan Gainsborough Soybean P003A97X 31.4
Saskatchewan Vibank Soybean P002A63R 31.3
Saskatchewan Vibank Soybean P007A90R 30.9
Saskatchewan Vibank Soybean P001A48X 30.7
Saskatchewan Gainsborough Soybean P007A90R 29.5
Saskatchewan Yorkton Soybean P005A27X 28.1
Saskatchewan Biggar Soybean P001A48X 27.9
Saskatchewan Vibank Soybean P003A97X 27.8
Saskatchewan Biggar Soybean P002A63R 27.4
Saskatchewan Vibank Soybean P005A27X 25.9


Province Town Crop Pioneer® brand Seed Product Yield(bu/ac)
Alberta Magrath Canola P501L 49
Alberta Barrhead Canola P501L 66.7
Alberta Pickardville Canola P501L 60.3
Alberta Sangudo Canola P501L 67.2
Alberta Mannville Canola P501L 55
Alberta Fort Macleod Canola P501L 36.5
Alberta Fort Macleod Canola P501L 69.8
Alberta Nobleford Canola P501L 83.8
Alberta Granum Canola P501L 39.8
Alberta Coalhurst Canola P501L 34.5
Alberta Magrath Canola P501L 49.3
Alberta Stirling Canola P501L 70.5
Alberta Brooks Canola P501L 73.8
Alberta Picture Butte Canola P501L 89.9
Alberta Dapp Canola P501L 62.8
Alberta Cayley Canola P501L 47.6
Alberta Busby Canola P501L 64.9
Alberta Crossfield Canola P501L 82.1
Alberta Alix Canola P501L 66.2
Alberta Alix Canola P501L 66.1
Alberta Alix Canola P501L 65.4
Alberta Red Deer Canola P501L 71
Alberta St Vincent Canola P501L 75.8
Alberta St Paul Canola P501L 76.6
Alberta St Vincent Canola P501L 70
Alberta Red Deer County Canola P501L 58.5
Alberta Red Deer County Canola P501L 54.8
Alberta Thorhild Canola P501L 65
Alberta Athabasca Canola P501L 60.6
Alberta Sylvan Lake Canola P501L 51.7
Alberta Boyle Canola 45CM39 57.6
Alberta Westlock Canola 45CM39 72.2
Alberta Spirit River Canola 45CM39 34.1
Alberta Barrhead Canola 45CM39 54.6
Alberta Pickardville Canola 45CM39 55.4
Alberta Barrhead Canola 45CM39 57.3
Alberta Coalhurst Canola 45CM39 80.2
Alberta Coaldale Canola 45CM39 73
Alberta Fort Macleod Canola 45CM39 79.7
Alberta Brooks Canola 45CM39 72.3
Alberta Dapp Canola 45CM39 48.7
Alberta Smoky Lake Canola 45CM39 61.6
Alberta Caresland Canola 45CM39 45.2
Alberta Swalwell Canola 45CM39 69.9
Alberta St Vincent Canola 45CM39 62.6
Alberta St Vincent Canola 45CM39 62.9
Alberta Thorhild Canola 45CM39 52.6
Alberta Olds Canola 45CM39 70.5
Alberta Rocky View County Canola 45CM39 72.1
Alberta Boyle Canola 45CS40 59.3
Alberta Westlock Canola 45CS40 70.9
Alberta Granum Canola 45CS40 41.8
Alberta Barrhead Canola 45CS40 54.6
Alberta Pickardville Canola 45CS40 58.5
Alberta Barrhead Canola 45CS40 60.8
Alberta Dapp Canola 45CS40 47.6
Alberta Caresland Canola 45CS40 44.6
Alberta Caresland Canola 45CS40 46.5
Alberta Swalwell Canola 45CS40 68.2
Alberta Swalwell Canola 45CS40 70
Alberta Thorhild Canola 45CS40 52.1
Alberta Didsbury Canola 45CS40 87.1
Alberta Rocky View County Canola 45CS40 71.9
Alberta Westlock Canola 45H33 68.6
Alberta Spirit River Canola 45H33 44
Alberta Smoky Lake Canola 45H33 71.2
Alberta Caresland Canola 45H33 42
Alberta Swalwell Canola 45H33 70.2
Alberta Thorhild Canola 45H33 52.7
Alberta Rocky View County Canola 45H33 70.8
Alberta Spirit River Canola 45M35 43.8
Alberta Granum Canola 45M35 44.5
Alberta Coalhurst Canola 45M35 81.4
Alberta   Canola 45M35 47.1
Alberta Coaldale Canola 45M35 74.8
Alberta Fort Macleod Canola 45M35 88
Alberta Claresholm Canola 45M35 56
Alberta Olds Canola 45M35 65.7
Alberta Olds Canola 45M35 65.8
Alberta Cayley Canola 45M35 91.1
Alberta Nanton Canola 45M35 73.5
Alberta Okotoks Canola 45M35 62.5
Alberta Carseland Canola 45M38 47.2
Alberta Swalwell Canola 45M38 67.9
Alberta Rocky View County Canola 45M38 72.6
Alberta Boyle Canola 45H37 57.3
Alberta Westlock Canola 45H37 71.8
Alberta Spirit River Canola 45H37 39.2
Alberta Airdrie Canola 45H37 67.2
Alberta Crossfield Canola 45H37 71.2
Alberta Carseland Canola 45H37 42.4
Alberta Swalwell Canola 45H37 69.1
Alberta Thorhild Canola 45H37 54
Alberta Rocky View County Canola 45H37 61.8