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HarvXtra® Technology

Powering exclusive Pioneer® brand alfalfa varieties for higher-quality no matter when you cut.

Achieve Higher-Quality Hay and Forage at Every Cut

Elite genetics power Pioneer® brand alfalfa varieties with HarvXtra® technology. Strong agronomic traits and lower plant lignin levels help drive yield performance and high forage quality. Our industry-leading agronomic and nutritional support services back every product.

Higher-Quality Cuttings

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Whatever the harvest timing, relative forage quality is 10 to 15 percent higher than varieties without HarvXtra® technology that are cut at the same time.

Greater Harvest Flexibility

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Don’t sweat weather or harvest delays. Pioneer® brand alfalfa varieties with HarvXtra® technology can be cut up to 7 to 10 days later than standard alfalfa varieties without sacrificing forage quality. Longer harvest intervals may result in more alfalfa tonnage, one less cutting per season and longer stand life.

Better Weed Control and Higher Yields

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Early season glyphosate weed control can improve first-year alfalfa yields and forage quality. Pioneer® brand alfalfa varieties with HarvXtra® technology include Roundup Ready® technology for advanced weed control. Better weed control protects the performance potential built into our alfalfa, helping with tough winters, disease resistance and a long stand life. You’ll see consistent top yield performance and forage quality that lasts.

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“In the cuttings from our HarvXtra fields, we saw nothing less than 150 RFQ and as high as 220 RFQ.”

-Rick Pausma, Pausma Dairy, Iowa

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Unmatched Research Delivering Results

University studies confirm alfalfa varieties with HarvXtra® technology have less lignin, higher fibre digestibility and similar yields to conventional alfalfa. Backed by Corteva AgriscienceTM, Pioneer will continue to be a leader in providing high-quality forage solutions that deliver high yield and reduce risk.

Men walking in midseaon alfalfa field

Find the Right Product for Every Acre

Pioneer® brand alfalfa varieties with HarvXtra® technology offer the best yield potential with strong agronomic options that stand up. Experience the high performance of HarvXtra® technology on your acres.

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1The Consortium for Alfalfa Improvement was started in 2001, with the following current members: U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Pioneer HiBred Intl, and Forage Genetics Intnl.