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High Yield Potential A-series Soybeans

Now with the Enlist E3® trait!

A-Series soybeans with the Enlist trait.

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Whoever said beans are beans is sadly mistaken. New Pioneer® brand A-Series Enlist E3® soybeans feature our own exclusive, high-performing genetics. These beans are like no other. Literally.

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Developed and Tested to Deliver Performance on Your Farm

Pioneer® brand A-Series soybeans are products of research innovations powered by AYT 4.0, our proprietary tool for more rapidly developing products with the highest yield potential. Our extensive localized breeding and testing program helps ensure your A-Series soybeans deliver superior yield potential in your fields.

Highest Soybean Yield Potential

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With yield advantages of 2.0 bu/A and even higher across soybean-growing areas, Pioneer® brand A-Series soybeans outperform competitors in tens of thousands of trials across multiple years and locations. Maximize yield potential in your fields with our industry-leading soybeans.

Backed by Unparalleled Research and Development

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Pioneer has the industry’s most extensive localized soybean breeding and product testing program to deliver leading yield-potential soybeans customized for your acres. Choose the best fit for your farm from the largest selection of herbicide-tolerant, high oleic and conventional soybeans.

Leading Defensive Traits to Beat Local Challenges

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Our molecular breeding hones the native defensive traits you need to fight SCN, SDS, white mould, Phytophthora and many other yield-robbing diseases. Pioneer rigorously tests its products for disease resistance under the toughest conditions to help ensure peak performance in your local growing conditions. 

The Total Package for Total Performance

Maximize the performance of your Pioneer® brand A-Series soybeans with the latest herbicide-tolerant traits, industry-leading seed treatment and unmatched agronomy expertise. 

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Herbicide-tolerant Traits

Protect yield potential and help improve your profitability with the top herbicide-tolerant traits.

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Seed Treatment

Improve soybean emergence, stand and vigor with our industry-leading seed treatments.

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Management Tips

Maximize each seed’s genetic and yield potential with management tips from our agronomy team.

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Find the Right Product for Every Acre

Pioneer® brand soybeans offer the best yield potential, strong agronomics and a wide range of herbicide-tolerant trait options for your farm. Maximize performance potential on every acre with soybeans from Pioneer.

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Our unmatched team of local professionals live and work in your community. They’re ready to help you select products with superior yield potential and provide year-round service and expertise. Have questions? Ask your local Pioneer sales representative today.

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Data is based on an average of 2016-2018 comparisons made in the Canada through Nov. 14, 2018. Comparisons are against all competitors, unless otherwise stated, and within +/- 3 RM of the competitive brand. Product responses are variable and subject to any number of environmental, disease and pest pressures. Individual results may vary. Multi-year and multi-location data are a better predictor of future performance. DO NOT USE THIS OR ANY OTHER DATA FROM A LIMITED NUMBER OF TRIALS AS A SIGNIFICANT FACTOR IN PRODUCT SELECTION. Contact a Pioneer sales representative for the latest and complete listing of traits and scores for each Pioneer® brand product.