Soybean Seed Treatment

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Soybean Seed Treatment
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Protect Your Seed From the Start

LumiGEN® seed treatments protect your investment with best-in-class seed treatment. You can plant with confidence knowing your seeds and seedlings have advanced protection against pests, disease and uncertain soil conditions during the critical early growth period.

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Give Your Soybean Seed a Head Start

Make the most of your seed investment with protection from the portfolio of LumiGEN® seed treatments. With a powerful, proven formulation, these innovative technologies protect your Pioneer® brand soybean seed from pests, diseases and challenging soil conditions. Give your soybeans a healthy start and maximize your yield potential with advanced seed treatment exclusive to Pioneer and other seed brands from Corteva Agriscience.

Best-in-Class Phytophthora Protection

Our foundation starts with LumiTreo™ fungicide seed treatment for best-in-class protection against Phytophthora, the No. 1 soybean disease. Research in multiyear trials shows soybeans treated with LumiTreo fungicide seed treatment produced a 4.0 bu/A yield advantage over metalaxyl, the previous leading technology for Phytophthora protection, in areas considered high pressure responsive locations.¹

Improved Plant Health

A biostimulant for improved early season root and plant growth is paired with a high-grade polymer for better seed flow and drop accuracy. The biofungicide inhibits seedling and root pathogens while it elicits systemic changes within the plant, activating the plant’s natural defense system. This increases nutrient uptake through healthier roots and sites for nodulations.

Protection From Pests

Available insect protection includes two modes of action with Lumiderm® insecticide seed treatment + Gaucho® Imidacloprid seed treatment combined to provide a broad spectrum insect protection, early vigor and uniform stands. Lumiderm insecticide seed treatment delivers a 1-3 bu/a yield advantage¹ and shields soybean seedlings against 2X the number of insect species including cutworms, white grubs, thrips and wireworms.²

Enhanced Protection With ILEVO® HL Fungicide Treatment

For acres at risk for sudden death syndrome (SDS) or soybean cyst nematode (SCN) injury, ILEVO® HL fungicide treatment delivers exceptional activity, protecting your genetic investment.

Tested and Proven

Tested and Proven

We’ve tested Pioneer® brand soybean performance with ILEVO® HL seed treatment over nearly a decade in SCN and SDS environments.

Delivering a Yield Advantage

Delivering a Yield Advantage

Our multiyear research evaluating ILEVO® HL fungicide/nematicide demonstrated an average yield advantage of 1.5 bu/A with the SCN rate.

Higher Rate. Higher Return.

Higher Rate. Higher Return.

When applying the higher SCN/SDS rate, ILEVO® HL fungicide/nematicide showed an average yield advantage of 6.4 bu/A.

The Results Are In

The Results Are In

We ran 76 blind head-to-head comparisons between LumiGEN® seed treatments with Pioneer® brand soybeans treated with ILEVO® HL fungicide treatment versus CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® plus Saltro® seed treatment.

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Better Yield Protection Under SCN Pressure

Better Yield Protection Under SCN Pressure

Pioneer® brand soybeans treated with ILEVO® HL fungicide treatment outperformed Saltro® seed treatment by 1.1 bu/A under soybean cyst nematode pressure.*

A Yield Advantage Under SDS Pressure

A Yield Advantage Under SDS Pressure

Pioneer brand soybeans treated with ILEVO® HL fungicide treatment outperformed Saltro seed treatment by 0.7 bu/A under sudden death syndrome pressure.*

The Proof Is in the Roots – and the Stand

Protect your seed investment and plant with confidence. LumiGEN® seed treatments help to establish a healthier, more uniform corn crop for a strong start and greater yield potential. See the results from farmers who chose to #StartStrongWithLumiGEN.

Spot the Difference

LumiTreo™ fungicide seed treatment gives your soybeans a head start during the critical early growth stage. Slide to see in-field results.

  • Spot the difference - seed treatment - before
  • Lumisena fungicide seed treatment - Spot the Difference - mid-season plant growth

Before - (Left) - Photo taken 6/13/18. After - (Right) - Photo taken 6/26/18. Location: Spring Creek, ND.

Find the Right Product for Every Acre

Find the Right Product for Every Acre

Pioneer® brand soybeans offer the best yield potential, strong agronomics and a wide range of herbicide-tolerant trait options for your farm. Maximize performance potential on every acre with soybeans from Pioneer.

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The foregoing is provided for informational use only. Please contact your Pioneer sales professional for information and suggestions specific to your operation.

¹Data based on Corteva Agriscience research data 2019-2021, 82 locations.
²Significant yield improvement and reduction in plant stand gaps based on Corteva Agriscience research data 2018-2019, 73 locations.

*2020 data are based on average of all comparisons made in 76 locations across MN, ND, SD, IA, MO, IL, IN and OH through Dec 1, 2020. Multi-year and multi-location is a better predictor of future performance.

**2012-2015 data are based on average of all comparisons made in 165 locations. Yield benefit of 1.5 bu/a under moderate SCN pressure using the lower SCN rate, 40 locs. Yield benefit of 6.4 bu/a under moderate SCN plus SDS pressure using the higher SDS rate, 46 locs. Do not use these or any other data from a limited number of trials as a significant factor in product selection. Product responses are variable and subject to a variety of environmental, disease, and pest pressures. Individual results may vary.

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Components of LumiGEN® seed treatments are applied at a Corteva Agriscience production facility, or by an independent sales representative of Corteva Agriscience or its affiliates. Not all sales representatives offer treatment services, and costs and other charges may vary. See your sales representative for details. Seed applied technologies exclusive to Corteva Agriscience and its affiliates.

ILEVO HL seed treatment

ILEVO® HL is a registered trademark of BASF.

Saltro®, and CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® are registered trademarks of a Syngenta Group Company.