Soybean - closeup - leaf in field

Tools and Services

Improve productivity and maximize yield potential with the right tools and services from Pioneer.

Planning Tools

Alfalfa - hand holding alfalfa plant - closeup

Calculate Alfalfa Savings

Use this tool to find your true seed cost for Pioneer® brand alfalfa.

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Men walking in alfalfa field - late afternoon.

Find Value With HarvXtra® Technology

Calculate the value of Pioneer® brand alfalfa varieties with HarvXtra® technology.

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Planting Tools

Planting operation soybean field

Planting Rate Estimator

Enter your hybrid, grain price and seed cost for customized planting rate suggestions.

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Corn stubble

Plantability Calculator

Get suggested planter settings for Pioneer® brand corn products.

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Flooded cornfield - early in the season

Corn Replant Calculator

Use this calculator to help you make management decisions for potential corn replant.

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Growing Season Tools

Man examining corn roots in field.

Growing Degree Unit (GDU) Calculator

Track GDU accumulation on your farm and compare total and year-to-year GDUs.

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Men studying cornstalks in field - harvest season

Corn Yield Estimator

Use this tool to estimate preharvest corn yield.

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Pioneer helps maximize your seed investment with our seed treatment, digital tools and more. Explore our complete package to learn more.