A Golden Opportunity For Mid-South Farmers

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A Golden Opportunity For Mid-South Farmers

Pioneer - Bunge Chevon Ag Renewables

Winter Canola: Partnering for a Renewable Future

Winter canola offers a new revenue opportunity for Mid-South farmers to diversify their current winter crop rotation, or for those who don’t have a double-cropping system in place today. Through a unique partnership between Pioneer and Bunge Chevron Ag Renewables, farmers can increase profit potential, enhance soil health, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

A significant investment in processing and refinery infrastructure, combined with new winter canola hybrids, has made it possible for farmers to tap into the rising demand for renewable fuels like never before. Learn more about this unique partnership and opportunity.

Graphic that demonstrates the cycle of canola grower to renewable fuels and reads winter canola program.

More To Learn, More To Earn

Download the Winter Canola Program brochure for more in-depth information about this unique closed-loop program between Bunge Chevron and Corteva Agriscience that provides market stability and contract assurances that all production from enrolled winter canola acres will be purchased.

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Why Plant Winter Canola?

Planting winter canola has a variety of financial, agronomic, and environmental benefits for Mid-South farmers.

Double-cropping winter canola grown for the renewable fuels market

Increase Profitability

With twice the oil content of soybeans, winter canola offers farmers enhanced income potential per acre. Including it in a double-cropping rotation can increase revenue and give you access to another market with significant profit potential.

Pioneer agronomist inspecting soil health of winter canola cover crop

Enhance Soil Health

Planting Pioneer® brand winter canola hybrids as a cover crop keeps more nutrients, water, and carbon in the soil. Its deep taproot also breaks up soil compaction, and the dense canopy and rapid early growth reduces soil erosion.

Pioneer agronomist and farmer examining crops in a field of winter canola

Local Support and Guidance

Winter canola might be new to you, but it’s not new to us. Your local Pioneer agronomist will be there to support you through the entire growing season.

Growers Say Good Things About Winter Canola

Mid-South farmers are excited about the new revenue opportunity winter canola provides. Hear why they’re excited about the possibilities this new crop and closed-loop system provides.



Hear From Growers

Pioneer agronomist and farmer walking through a field
of winter canola

Brad Reddick, Kentucky

- "I do it for the diversification."

Brandon Wilson, Kentucky

- “Because of the support we’ve had from the Pioneer agronomy staff … this transition has been relatively seamless.”

- “It’s like a turnkey operation from my vantage point.”

- “We know that (winter canola) is going to create an opportunity and access into a market we hope is more sustainable for our environment.”

Field of winter canola cover crop being grown for the
renewable fuels market - boosting farm profitability

Jamison Turner, Tennessee

- “The potential here excites me a lot. It gives us farmers another profitable crop that we could put in our rotation.”

- “It's really been a very simple crop to grow.”

Field of winter canola cover crop

Winter Canola: Product Details

Winter canola is a game-changer for farmers in the Mid-South. The long-standing canola breeding program has developed proprietary Pioneer brand winter canola hybrids that are well adapted to perform in the southern U.S.

Winter Canola renewable fuels icon

Pioneer Winter Canola Hybrids: Product Sheet

With elite genetics, Pioneer brand winter canola hybrids deliver industry-leading yield potential and consistent oil content across a wide range of growing conditions. Download our product sheet for more details.

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Winter canola cash crop

Winter Canola: Live Cash Bids

Check out the latest live prices for winter canola from Bunge Chevron Ag Renewables.

Show Me the Numbers

Winter Canola Yield Data

The numbers say it all. Yield results for the inaugural crop of winter canola are exceeding expectations. Based on university trials in the Mid- South, we anticipated yields of 45–55 bu/A, with the potential to be higher based on individual operations. On multiple Mid-South farms covering 3,500+ acres, here are the results:

Note: Farm average yields ranged from 43 to 60 bu/A.
*Weighted farm averages
Pioneer Yield (Bu/A)*
55  52
Pioneer Brand
PT303  PT303
11  2
2,697  ​860



Interested in Learning More?

This winter canola program offers a new revenue opportunity with unique benefits and assurances:

Acreage-style contracts including an “Act of God” clause for qualified growers.
Convenient grain delivery points along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.
On-farm storage not required. Bunge will take immediate crop delivery after harvest.

If you think Pioneer winter canola might be right for you, and you’d like to learn more about this unique opportunity, please complete the form.

Corteva Biofuels

Corteva Biofuels

Corteva offers growers a number of paths to participating in sustainable fuel efforts.

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