6 Reasons You Should Grow Winter Canola

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Aerial view - canola field in bloom

The future is bright for farmers looking to diversify revenue streams and increase potential revenue. And now there’s a new game-changing crop available to farmers in the Mid-South: winter canola. It complements existing crop rotation practices, offering a new cash crop to help increase farm profitability and improve soil health. And with twice the oil content of soybeans, winter canola gives farmers the potential to increase income per acre compared to alternative crops.

Even more promising: To connect Mid-South farmers to the rising market demand for oilseeds, Bunge Chevron Ag Renewables is partnering with farmers to buy their harvested Pioneer® brand winter canola crop for renewable fuel production. This unique closed-loop program between Bunge Chevron Ag Renewables and Corteva Agriscience can help provide market stability and contract assurances that all production from enrolled canola acres will be purchased. At the same time, farmers can experience additional agronomic benefits from crop diversification.

The time is right to consider winter canola for your fields.

Canola seedpods - closeup

Here are the top six reasons you should join the Winter Canola Program.

Reason 1: Increase profitability

Planting winter canola helps you maximize productivity across your farm operation. Including winter canola in a double-cropping rotation increases revenue and gives you access to another market. Bringing winter canola into your production helps you diversify your income sources.

Reason 2: Access a clear path to market

When you sign on to join the Winter Canola Program, you’re entering a contract with Pioneer and Bunge Chevron Ag Renewables to purchase the harvested crop for an agreed-upon price so it can potentially be used to produce renewable fuel. Not only does this provide a path to market for your crop, but it also reduces your exposure to market fluctuations. Plus, a local Pioneer expert agronomist and a local Bunge market manager will be there to support you from planting through harvest.

Reason 3: Enhance soil health

Planting Pioneer brand winter canola hybrids as a cover crop holds more nutrients, water, and carbon in the earth, boosting soil health. Plus, the brassica root system of winter canola helps break up soil compaction. The plant-based oil produced by Pioneer brand winter canola hybrids features a lower-carbon profile, and the hybrids produce more oil than a traditional canola plant. That means you’re making more productive use of your fields and helping to reduce carbon emissions while you’re at it — making you a better steward of the land and your community.

Reason 4: Improve yields for your other crops

When crops like canola are added to a rotation, the other crops in the rotation typically generate better yields and face less pressure from pests. Planting winter canola has the potential to not only generate additional income for your farm but to boost the output of your spring and summer crops.

Reason 5: Participate in a growing, in-demand market

Demand for renewable biofuels derived from agricultural crops is steadily increasing, driven by regulatory requirements, government incentives, and pressure to reduce reliance on foreign oil. Corn and soybeans have played a vital role, but as the demand continues to increase, new agricultural feedstocks are needed. By planting winter canola, you increase the availability of high-demand vegetable oil feedstocks.

Reason 6: Plant crops with a competitive advantage

Pioneer brand winter canola hybrids have been specially formulated to be planted as a new double-cropping system in the Mid-South. Pioneer combined industry-leading research with elite genetics to deliver superior disease resistance, winter hardiness, and high oil content. So you can be confident that crops will perform in a variety of growing conditions.

Farmers stand to gain a lot from growing winter canola. It’s a crop with a high yield potential. And the fact that it's used as a feedstock to produce renewable diesel, biodiesel, and sustainable aviation fuel means that farmers are playing a critical role in domestic fuel production. Plus, when winter canola is added to your rotation it can benefit the entire cropping system. This is the perfect day to give winter canola a try.

Join the Winter Canola Program Today

Find out if winter canola is a good fit for your operation: visit Grow Gold With Winter Canola.

Learn More About the Winter Canola Hybrid Available Today

Learn More About the Winter Canola Hybrid Available Today

With elite genetics, our canola hybrids deliver industry-leading yield potential and consistent oil content.

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