A New Era in Genetics & Yield

A generational leap in soybean genetics and unprecedented yield potential. It’s not too good to be true, it’s Pioneer® brand Z-Series soybeans.

A New Industry Benchmark for Yield Potential

A New Industry Benchmark for Yield Potential

In extensive IMPACT™ trials across the U.S., Z-Series soybeans delivered a 2.7 bu/A yield advantage versus current A-Series varieties, delivering an extra $35.00 per acre return on investment.

The Broadest Selection of High-yielding Varieties

The Broadest Selection of High-yielding Varieties

Z-Series soybeans are customized to address dynamic environments. Our breeders are reinventing what’s possible in soybean breeding and unlocking unprecedented levels of genetic gain.

Superior Performance Today – and Tomorrow

Superior Performance Today – and Tomorrow

A significantly accelerated product development process enables us to test more traits and bring new seed to market faster, ensuring superior performance today and in the future.

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Consistent Agronomics & Enhanced Disease Protection

The best got better with Z-Series soybeans, bred for offensively strong defensive traits.

Enhanced Agronomics - Z-Series soybeans

Enhanced Agronomics

Z-Series soybeans are built to perform all season long. See increased lodging resistance and more tolerance to iron deficiency chlorosis.

Z-Series Soybeans - Improved Disease Protection

Improved Disease Protection

With score improvements of 0.5 for SDS and 0.6 for white mold, Z-Series soybeans are ready to take on the toughest yield-threats.

More Options to Stop SCN and Phytophthora -Z-Series Soybeans

More Options to Stop SCN & Phytophthora

Z-Series soybeans will advance 13 varieties in 2024, which is the largest class of Peking resistance and stacked Phytophthora resistant varieties ever introduced in a single year, giving farmers more options to defend against SCN.

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Seed Treatment

Plant with confidence. Protect your Pioneer® brand Z-Series soybeans against pests, disease and uncertain soil conditions with LumiGEN® seed treatment.

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Find Your Local Team

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Find the Seed for You

Pioneer® brand Z-Series soybeans are bred to fit your needs, maximizing your yield potential. Learn more about how to find the right seed for your needs.

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