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Food-Grade Corn

Food-Grade Corn With Unmatched Processing Characteristics

As corn processing demand grows, increasing productivity is essential at every step in the food-corn value chain. Pioneer has been a leader in developing quality food-grade hybrids for more than 50 years. We back that commitment with unrivaled corn breeding expertise and accelerated technologies to improve agronomics, grain yields and milling quality of your food-grade corn.

Unrivaled White Corn

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High-quality food-grade white corn is in highest demand by the processing industry. We have three separate white corn breeding programs devoted to research and development of our hybrids. Pioneer is committed to producing white corn hybrids that deliver maximum yield potential and strong agronomic traits that meet your growing needs. All hybrids are characterized for such traits as kernel density, composition, size and ear rot diseases.

Superior Processing Properties

Food grade corn cobs

Pioneer® brand food-grade corn offers enhanced cooking and dry milling properties to ensure you are growing the products processors demand for breakfast cereals, baking mixes and other consumer products. Thanks to enhanced breeding, our lineup consistently delivers desired physical kernel characteristics, clean yellow or pearly white color, uniform-sized kernels, higher test weight, and appropriate taste and texture (mouthfeel) when processed. Processors also need low-temperature dried corn and low levels of broken or stress-cracked kernels. 

Advancing Yellow Corn Characteristics

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Our food-grade yellow corn hybrids are scored to deliver high-quality grain characteristics for processors and maximum yield potential for growers. All hybrids are characterized for such traits as kernel density, composition, size and ear rot diseases. Pioneer brand food-grade yellow corn hybrids combine trusted agronomic traits with desirable physical characteristics similar to food-grade white corn. 

Improving Quality With Herculex® Insect Protection

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Pioneer® brand food-grade hybrids with Herculex® insect protection traits help maximize grain yields and quality by reducing the risk of above- and below-ground pests. This helps prevent insect damage and reduces the risk of molds and mycotoxins. These advanced technologies deliver a more consistent supply of high-quality grain for efficient food-grade corn milling.

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Why This Farm Grows Pioneer® Brand Food-Grade Corn

Diversifying into Pioneer® brand food-grade corn delivered a premium on every bushel sold for this Nebraska farm. Learn why and how they made the change.

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Managing for Maximum Market Value

It’s crucial that farmers fully understand the expectations of the food-grade corn market before planting for it. Growers need to be prepared for the special management considerations associated with food-grade corn production. Receiving full grower premiums and incentives requires careful and proper grain harvesting, drying, handling and storage. 

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Find the Right Product for Every Acre

The best genetics, top trait packages and extensive local field knowledge combine to deliver new products with proven performance consistency across years and environments. Use Pioneer® brand corn products to maximize yield potential on every acre.

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