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Pioneer® Brand Sorghum

Pioneer delivers the highest yield potential sorghum products with leading agronomics and defensive characteristics.

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Leading the Sorghum Industry

Pioneer® brand grain sorghum provides the total package for unparalleled results. We offer the biggest selection in the industry, combining elite genetics, leading agronomics and defensive characteristics in a wide range of maturities for award-winning performance. Discover which of our top-performing hybrids best match your needs.

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Proven Performance

Pioneer® brand sorghum is second to none.

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To win the NSP yield contest, you must do more than follow the trail. You must blaze it.

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Pioneer® brand sorghum is built for superior yield potential and sugarcane aphid tolerance.

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Sorghum Traits and Product Lines

Inzen™ Herbicide-Tolerant Sorghum Trait

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A ground-breaking herbicide-tolerant trait for grain sorghum. This non-transgenic trait was built upon Pioneer's elite germplasm and agronomic traits and extensively field tested. The Inzen™ trait helps protect yield potential while driving profitability on every acre. It helps to maximize land production by opening up sorghum acres previously limited or restricted by grass pressure.

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Forage Sorghum

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An alternative forage crop option that can help meet the feed needs of a dairy or livestock operation while also effectively managing corn rootworm pressure. Forage sorghum products are adapted to a host of forage applications including silage, grazing, hay and green chop.

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Sorghum Sudangrass

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An alternative forage crop option, sorghum-sudangrass hybrids have high yield potential provided adequate rainfall or irrigation. They are designed for multiple harvests and can be stored as silage or hay when properly wilted or dried down. Excellent choice for grazing and haying applications.  Can be used for silage or as a green chop option as well.

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Sugarcane Aphid Management

Sorghum Aphid Management

Our rigorously tested, verified seed treatments provide proven protection against early season threats. Part of the revolutionary LumiGEN™ technologies lineup, Lumisena™ fungicide seed treatment for sunflower hybrids delivers a leading defense against downy mildew for better seedling vigor, more viable stands with uniform heads and higher yield potential.

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Manage for High Yield Potential

Increase yield potential and maximize each seed’s genetic potential with improved production practices. Use the latest agronomic resources and information, straight from our agronomists in the field.

Protect Your Sorghum Seed

Our rigorously tested, verified seed treatments help you establish healthy crops and improve yield with proven protection against early season threats. Backed by trusted technologies, our fungicide and insecticide treatments improve grain sorghum emergence, stand and vigor to help you achieve higher yield potential.

Find the Right Sorghum Hybrid for Every Acre

Find the Right Sorghum Hybrid for Every Acre

With unmatched performance, Pioneer® brand sorghum hybrids offer elite genetics with proven performance throughout sorghum-growing country. Experience the highest yield potential grain sorghum available.

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Our unmatched team of local professionals live and work in your community. They’re ready to help you select products with superior yield potential and provide year-round service and expertise. Have questions? Ask your local Pioneer sales representative today.

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