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Inzen™ Herbicide-Tolerant Sorghum Trait

Introducing the Inzen™ herbicide-tolerant trait, offering post-emergence grass control in Pioneer® brand sorghum.

New Technology to Plant on Grass-Pressured Acres

Zest WDG logoPioneer® brand grain sorghum products with the novel Inzen™ trait will give farmers flexibility to confidently plant on acres previously limited by grass pressure. This non-transgenic, herbicide-tolerant trait allows for over-the-top herbicide applications to control annual grasses. When partnered with Zest™ WDG herbicide, the Inzen trait is your solution to yield-robbing grass pressure.

Groundbreaking Herbicide Tolerance

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Non-transgenic and ALS-tolerant, the Inzen™ trait provides naturally occurring resistance for ultimate grass defense. Open more acres to sorghum planting and maximize land productivity with confidence that grasses will not spoil your sorghum yield potential.

Bred for Performance

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Like all Pioneer grain sorghum hybrids, the Inzen trait is built on elite genetics and has been rigorously tested in extensive, multi-year on-farm trials to ensure it protects yield and performance potential.

System Approach to Grass Control

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When partnered with Zest™ WDG herbicide from Corteva Agriscience, the Inzen trait delivers proven, effective, post-emergence control of key grass species in sorghum fields. This combination forms the most effective system to manage annual grasses in sorghum fields. Find peace of mind and enhanced crop performance with exceptional crop safety.

Zest™ WDG Herbicide

Made for Each Other

When you plant Pioneer® brand sorghum with the Inzen™ trait, you gain an effective option to clean up grass that invades your field. With an active ingredient that is new for sorghum, Zest™ WDG controls foxtail, barnyard grass, panicum and more - without harming ALS herbicide-tolerant Inzen sorghum.

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Post-Emergence Grass Control

Researchers at Colorado State University field-tested Pioneer® brand sorghum with the Inzen™ trait, both with and without post-emergence applications of Zest™ WDG herbicides. Sorghum with the Inzen trait treated with Zest WDG herbicide showed superior control of barnyardgrass.

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Pioneer brand sorghum with the Inzen™ trait, untreated (left) and treated with Zest™ WDG herbicide (right). Photo credit: CSU Research Center, Rocky Ford, Colorado

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Stewarding the Land

Corteva Agriscience has well-defined stewardship requirements for the use of the Inzen™ trait and Zest™ WDG herbicide. Those are outlined in our 2021 Sorghum Product Use Guide, and our local teams will work closely with sorghum farmers to inform them about the stewardship guidelines for Pioneer brand sorghum with the Inzen trait.

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Pioneer® brand sorghum provides the total package of elite genetics, leading agronomics and defensive characteristics for award-winning performance.

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