Calculate Your Alfalfa Savings


Calculating True Seed Cost of Alfalfa

The Basics

Planned acres of new seeding

Target Seeding Rate explained

Target seeding rate based on seeds per square foot is similar to thinking about seeding corn in seeds per acre versus pounds per acre. Once an appropriate seeds per square foot seeding rate is selected, the calculator gives you the setting you need on your planter to hit this target seeding rate with the seed you have purchased. Most universities recommend seeding at 60-80 seeds per square foot, depending on soil conditions and other soil or climatic variables.

Seeds per square foot

University research recommends 60-80 seeds per sq. ft.

VS Comparison Product

Seed Coating

Includes fungicide, inoculant, other inert material. Value must be between 0 and 50.



Total germination including hard seed. Value must be between 75 and 100.


Seed Cost (USD)

Price per 50-lb bag. Value must be between 150 and 700.

$ $
$ $
You will save

Good to know…

Your True Seed Cost for acres of Pioneer® brand alfalfa is , or per acre.

By planting acres of Pioneer® brand alfalfa at seeds per square foot, you will need bags of seed compared to bags of the comparison variety.

Because you are planting Pioneer® brand alfalfa you will save in seed costs compared to planting the comparison variety on acres.

The Difference VS Comparison Product

% of Pure Live Seed

Percentage of viable seed in bag

Amount of Pure Live Seed

Pounds per bag

Out-of-Bag Seeding Rate

Setting for planter in pounds

Acres Planted per Bag

Acres per 50-lb bag

Your Results

True Seed Cost per Acre

Seed cost for target seeding rate

True Seed Cost for Your Farm

Total seed cost for your planned acres

Seed Savings for Pioneer® Seed

Whole farm savings versus comparison

Notes:  Calculations use 220,000 seeds/lb - seed size can vary between varieties and seed lots.