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Sunflower Red Seed Weevil


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Sunflower Red Seed Weevil

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  • Adult beetles are 1/8 inch long and have a long snout.
    Photo: Adult sunflower red seed beetle
    Photo courtesy of North Dakota State Univ. Extension Entomology.
  • Larvae are stout, C-shaped and can be found in a kernel.
    Photo: Sunflower red seed weevil larva


  • Adults emerge from the soil in early July and feed on bracts then lay eggs in seeds.
    Photo: Sunflower red seed beetle feeding on leaf.
    Photo courtesy of the National Sunflower Association.
  • Losses occur from physical and quality losses.
    Photo: Damaged sunflower seed.
  • Latin name: Smicronyx fulvus.


  • Treat oil varieties when 2-4 weevils per plant are present.
  • Apply insecticide when 30% of field is shedding. Apply in early morning to avoid bees.
  • Delay harvest in heavily infested fields.