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PPST 250 (FST/IST/ Biological)


Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment - Corn

PPST 250 (FST/IST/Biological)

PPST 250 is the standard seed treatment package on most Pioneer® brand corn products that don't include DuPont™ Lumivia™ insecticide seed treatment. It consists of a fungicide, insecticide and a biological.

Fungicide Component (FST)

According to the manufacturer, the fungicide component of PPST 250 includes a four-way fungicide formulation providing a new standard for broad-spectrum protection from seed and seedling diseases including Fusarium and Pythium. This seed treatment offers:

  • Increased protection against seed- and soil-borne disease
  • The addition of thiabendazole enhances the proven protection of fludioxonil, mefenoxam and azoxystrobin
  • Best-in-class systemic protection against Fusarium
  • Helps protect roots and develop vigorous, healthy plants.

PPST 250 Fungicide Disease Protection — Seed-borne

PPST 250 Fungicide Disease Protection — Seed-borne

PPST 250 Fungicide Disease Protection — Soil-borne

PPST 250 Fungicide Disease Protection — Soil-borne

Insecticide Component (IST)

The insecticide component offers proven insect protection for enhanced early-season plant health that customers have come to expect.

  • Wireworm
  • Seedcorn maggot
  • White grub*
  • Grape colaspis
  • Corn flea beetle
  • Southern corn leaf beetle
  • Black cutworm
  • Chinch bug
  • Thrips
  • Southern green stinkbug
  • Seedcorn beetle
  • Corn leaf aphid

*Including Japanese beetle larvae, European Chafer larvae, true white grub, annual white grub and May/June beetle larvae.

Biological Component

Developed exclusively for the PPST 250 treatment package, it helps promote early-season plant growth and increase nutrient uptake … resulting in improved plant performance and increased yield.

Roots of seeds treated with PPST 250 seed treatment.
Roots of untreated seeds.

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