Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment - Corn

2014 Corn Treatment Offerings

PPST 250 plus DuPont Lumivia

Launching DuPont Lumivia insecticide seed treatment, a novel insecticide technology offering broad spectrum pest protection. Learn more.

PPST 250: Standard for all Pioneer Corn Products

PPST 250, an exclusive combination of biological, insect and disease treatment technology, is the standard treatment package for all Pioneer® brand corn products. PPST 250 consists of three on-seed components: 1) an insecticide, 2) a fungicide and a 3) biological. Learn more.

Poncho® 1250 + VOTiVO®: Enhanced Insect Protection Option

Growers also have the option on selected Pioneer corn products to choose Poncho® 1250 + VOTiVO® treatment where nematode or enhanced insect protection are needed. Read more.

Compare Corn Seed Treatments

Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment (Soybeans)


Seed treatment services may be provided by independent contracted sales professionals of Pioneer. Not all sales professionals offer the services, and costs may vary. See your Pioneer sales professional for details.

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