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See the Pioneer® brand inoculants that work for your operation.

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Inoculant Management

From planting through feedout, The Silage Zone resource provides management information you can use to help make decisions.

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Rapid React® Technology

Rapid React® technology is a significant advancement in silage inoculants. With Rapid React technology, producers see results faster from one of their biggest expenses. Feed sources from corn grain, corn silage, high moisture corn, snaplage, earlage and alfalfa make up the majority of the ration — and ensuring these valuable inputs are available sooner can help you better manage your silage.

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Inoculant Value Calculator

Easily quantify the value of Pioneer® brand inoculants for your farm. This tool will help you choose the best crop-specific inoculants to improve fermentation, aerobic stability and fiber digestibility.

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Compare Inoculants

Use this guide to select bacterial strains to improve: Rate of Nutrient Digestion, Bunklife and Fermentation.

Compare Inoculants (PDF 108 KB) Compare Inoculants (PDF 108 KB)

Nutrivail® Feed Technologies Can Reduce Supplemental Protein and Energy Needs

The portfolio of Pioneer® brand Nutrivail® feed technologies help silage producers improve nutrient availability in cattle. They contain bacterial strains that produce enzymes while growing in the silage, enhancing fiber digestibility and enabling the use of higher levels of forage in the ratio.

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Corn Silage Products

See how Pioneer® brand corn silage hybrids for your local area that can maximize yield potential.

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Find Alfalfa Varieties

Find local alfalfa varieties for your area.

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Brown MidRib Corn Silage

Check out our new Brown MidRib (BMR) hybrids, developed to give you more tons per acre and carry the strong agronomic package you expect from Pioneer.

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Nutrition Team Directory

Meet the Pioneer nutrition team.

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Dairy Publication Articles

Read forage-related articles that have appeared in national dairy publications.

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