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LumiGEN™ System Seed Applied Technology - Soybeans

Loading your Pioneer® brand soybeans with the protection of the LumiGEN™ system soybean offering will help ensure your seed investment is well covered when it needs it most. To see the full LumiGEN™ system soybean portfolio click here. (PDF 831 KB)

The LumiGEN™ system soybean offering includes DuPont™ Lumisena™ fungicide seed treatment for best-in-class protection against Phytophthora. Click here to learn more.

Field-Tested Proven Yield Benefit

Elite Pioneer genetics combined with LumiGEN™ system seed applied technologies help soybeans get off to a strong, healthy start, especially in less-than-ideal growing environments.

Better Emergence and Stands

Untreated soybeans.   Treated soybeans with LumiGEN™ system soybean offering.
  • Seed & seedling protection when you need it most.
  • Strong, healthy plants help ward off early season insect & disease issues.
  • Helps growers planting earlier into cool, wet soils or high residues.

Unique Combination of Best-In-Class Seed-Applied Technologies

  • Pioneer tests and integrates seed-applied technologies from Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, and across the industry to provide a superior seed treatment offering.
  • The LumiGEN™ system soybean offering is a proprietary combination of biostimulant, fungicide and insecticide treatments that promote soybean growth and vigor.

Industry-Leading Seed Treatment Research

Pioneer tests nearly 200,000 seed treatment trial rows - from small research to large-scale trials - each year to identify the best combination of seed-applied technologies for our customers.

  • Seed treatments are tested in the areas where we sell seed to confirm the LumiGEN™ system soybean offering is providing customers the protection they need.
  • Corteva Seed Applied Technology Center runs treatment formulations through hundreds of tests across temperature and humidity extremes to help optimize ingredient compatibility, biological health, seed flow, plantability and reduce dust-off.

ILeVO® Fungicide

  • Fungicide seed treatment for control of sudden death syndrome (SDS) and soil-borne nematodes such as soybean cyst and root knot nematodes.
  • Research trials from 2012-2015 have shown a 2.0 bu/a advantage across all environments and SDS levels of infection. Forty-six heavy SDS infection locations between 2012-2015 showed a 6.4 bu/a advantage.1
Comparison plot fungicide treated vs. untreated soybeans.

Enhanced Plant Health and Vigor

See your Pioneer sales professional for help in selecting the right varieties and treatment package to make the most from your soybean acres.

1Pioneer Agronomy Science trials. 2012-2015 data are based on average of all comparisons made in 165 locations through Nov. 1, 2015. Do not use these or any other data from a limited number of trials as a significant factor in product selection.

2Seed & seedling disease protection provided by fungicide components of the LumiGEN™ system: Allegiance® and EverGol® Energy fungicides.

3Early-season insect protection provided by insecticide component of the LumiGEN™ system: Gaucho® insecticide.