DuPont™ Aproach® Fungicide Effect on Soybean Yield


  • Evaluate the effect of DuPont™ Aproach® + Alto® foliar fungicides on yield of Pioneer® brand soybean varieties.

Study Description

Number of Locations: 6 (3 in 2012, 3 in 2013)
Plot Layout: 4 rows, 30 feet long
Experimental Design: RCBD, 8 replications
  • Fungicide Treatment*:
    • Non-treated
    • Aproach + Alto at R3
    • Aproach + Alto at R5
    • Aproach + Alto at R3 followed by R5
  • Pioneer® Varieties¹:
    • 94Y70 (RR)
    • 94Y82 (RR)
    • 95Y10 (RR)
    • 94Y40 (RR)
    • 95Y50 (RR)
University Collaborators:
Dr. Jeremy Ross, Univ. of Arkansas
Dr. Gene Stevens, Univ. of Missouri

*A fungicide mixture of 0.146 lbs ai/acre picoxystrobin (9 fl oz/acre Aproach fungicide) + 0.036 lbs ai/acre cyproconazole (5.5 fl oz/acre Alto 100 SL) was used in this study. These products are the active ingredients contained in Aproach® Prima fungicide, but this mixture does not represent the exact active ingredient ratios found in the commercial Aproach Prima product.


  • Averaged across all varieties and locations, fungicide applied at R3, R3 followed by R5 and R5 timings increased soybean yield 2.3, 2.1 and 0.8 bu/acre, respectively.
  • Pioneer® varieties 95Y40 and 95Y50 tended to be most responsive to fungicide treatment at the R3 growth stage.
  • Sequential fungicide applications appeared most valuable with Pioneer® variety 94Y70.
  • Yield responses from fungicide treatment were highest in Newport in 2012 and Portageville in 2012 and 2013.

Pioneer® brand products are sold subject to the terms and conditions of sale which are part of the labeling and purchase documents. 2013 data are based on average of all comparisons made in 6 locations through November 19, 2013. Multi-year and multi-location is a better predictor of future performance. Do not use these or any other data from a limited number of trials as a significant factor in product selection. Product responses are variable and subject to a variety of environmental, disease, and pest pressures. Individual results may vary. All products are trademarks of their manufacturers.