Response of Pioneer® Brand Plenish® High Oleic Soybean Varieties to Intensive Management


  • Pioneer® brand Plenish® high oleic soybean varieties contain elevated levels of oleic acid for various end uses.
  • Trials were conducted at 2 University of Maryland locations to evaluate the response of selected Plenish high oleic soybean varieties to intensive vs. limited management.
  • The objective was to evaluate management effects on grain yield and oleic acid profiles in a new contract area.

Study Description

Locations: 2 (3 replications per location)
Pioneer® Brand Plenish High Oleic Soybean Varieties:
P32T80PR (RR) 93Y42 (RR)
Management Systems:
• Limited management (no treatments or irrigation) 
• Intensive management: 
1. Drip irrigation 
2. Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment
3. Fungicide and insecticide applied at R3 stage

Additional Background

  • Above average rainfall occurred up until mid-July.
  • Continuous drip irrigation was employed from mid-July to harvest.
  • Experimental design differed between locations. Only the Queenstown, Md., data are shown; however, the Salisbury, Md., results were similar.
  • DuPont Aproach® Fungicide and Asana® XL Insecticide were used at Queenstown.



Figure 1.  Soybean grain yield among intensive and non-intensive treatments at Queenstown, Md.

  • Soybean grain yield was significantly affected by management, with a 16.1 bu/acre advantage for the intensive management system (Figure 1).
  • There was no difference in oleic acid content between management systems.

Figure 2.  Oleic acid content among intensive and non-intensive treatments at Queenstown, Md.

  • Results indicate that oleic acid profiles remain constant regardless of management practices (Figure 2).
  • Intensive management also resulted in larger seed size and a reduction in purple seed stain (data not shown).

^Export Approval Notice:  Although fully approved for feed and food use in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, grain, oil and grain co-products from THESE VARIETIES MAY NOT BE APPROVED for all markets.  Plenish ® high oleic soybeans will be grown under contract in 2014.

2013 data are based on average of all comparisons made in 2 locations through Oct. 29, 2013. Multi-year and multi-location is a better predictor of future performance. Do not use these or any other data from a limited number of trials as a significant factor in product selection. Product responses are variable and subject to a variety of environmental, disease and pest pressures. Individual results may vary.

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