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Pioneer® brand P506ML is a new, high-yielding Pioneer Protector® HarvestMax CR (clubroot and harvest flexibility) hybrid with blackleg, and the LibertyLink® trait.

Key Product Attributes

Yield Superior yield potential - 104.6% of P501L (2019 IMPACT)
HarvestMax Yes. Suitable for delayed swath/straight cutting
Growth Excellent early growth and field emergence
Lodging Very good lodging score
Clubroot (CR1) “R” for Clubroot vs 2F, 3H, 5I, 6M and 8N
Blackleg “R” for Blackleg
Fusarium “R” for Fusarium Wilt
Maturity 5L, late-mid maturing hybrid (same as P501L)

2020 Yield Results


Town Province Yield Harvest Method
Granum Alberta 70.0 Straight cut
Carseland Alberta 62.8 Straight cut
Rosalind Alberta 61.8 Swath
Coalhurst Alberta 61.8 Straight cut
Carseland Alberta 61.8 Straight cut
Carseland Alberta 59.6 Straight cut
Sturgeon County  Alberta 57.8 Swath
Acme Alberta 57.5 Swath
Airdrie Alberta 56.0 Swath
Airdrie Alberta 56.0 Swath
Taber Alberta 55.5 Swath
Airdrie Alberta 53.8 Swath
Horseshoe Bay  Alberta 53.7 Swath
Barrhead Alberta 51.3 Swath
Langholm  Alberta 49.8 Swath
Acme Alberta 49.8 Swath
Innisfree Alberta 45.6 Straight cut


Town Province Yield Harvest Method
Edam Saskatchewan 63.7 Straight cut
  Saskatchewan 62.7 Straight cut
Choiceland Saskatchewan 61.9 Straight cut
Aylsham  Saskatchewan 61.8 Swath
North Battleford Saskatchewan 61.0 Swath
Arcola Saskatchewan 61.0 Straight cut
North Battleford Saskatchewan 61.0 Swath
Shellbrook  Saskatchewan 61.0 Swath
Edam Saskatchewan 59.6 Straight cut
Choiceland  Saskatchewan 57.8 Straight cut
Naicam Saskatchewan 57.8 Straight cut
Maidstone Saskatchewan 57.5 Straight cut
North Battleford Saskatchewan 56.0 Straight cut
Wynyard Saskatchewan 55.5 Swath
Shellbrook  Saskatchewan 55.5 Swath
North Battleford Saskatchewan 55.5 Swath
Kinistino Saskatchewan 55.5 Swath
Wynyard Saskatchewan 54.9 Swath
North Battleford Saskatchewan 53.7 Straight cut
Rabbit Lake  Saskatchewan 53.3 Swath
Melville Saskatchewan 53.0 Swath
Watrous Saskatchewan 53.0 Swath
Watrous Saskatchewan 52.5 Swath
Rabbit Lake  Saskatchewan 52.5 Swath
Gainsborough Saskatchewan 52.5 Straight cut
Spiritwood Saskatchewan 51.9 Swath
Bruno Saskatchewan 51.3 Straight cut
Rhein Saskatchewan 51.1 Swath
Unity  Saskatchewan 51.1 Swath
Estevan Saskatchewan 49.8 Straight cut
Mayfair Saskatchewan 49.8 Swath
Gainsborough Saskatchewan 47.8 Straight cut
Riedel Saskatchewan 47.8 Swath
Bruno  Saskatchewan 47.8 Swath
Wilkie Saskatchewan 47.8 Swath 
Rhein Saskatchewan 47.1 Swath
Souris Saskatchewan 45.9 Straight cut
Melville Saskatchewan 45.9 Swath
Springside Saskatchewan 45.6 Swath
Carrot River Saskatchewan 45.4 Straight cut
Carrot River  Saskatchewan 45.4 Straight cut
Debden  Saskatchewan 45.4 Swath
Borden  Saskatchewan 43.2 Swath
Pense Saskatchewan 40.0 Straight cut
Pense Saskatchewan 40.0 Straight cut
Redvers Saskatchewan 37.1 Straight cut
Weyburn Saskatchewan 37.1 Straight cut


Town Province Yield Harvest Method
Souris Manitoba 62.7 Straight cut
Carman Manitoba 62.7 Swath
Carman Manitoba 61.0 Swath
Reston Manitoba 59.6 Straight cut
Roblin Manitoba 59.6 Straight cut
Grandview Manitoba 57.8 Swath
Roblin Manitoba 57.8 Swath
Souris Manitoba 57.5 Straight cut
Virden Manitoba 55.5 Straight cut
Virden Manitoba 54.9 Straight cut
Reston Manitoba 54.9 Straight cut
Virden Manitoba 53.8 Straight cut
Reston Manitoba 53.8 Straight cut
Virden Manitoba 53.8 Straight cut
Bowsman Manitoba 53.7 Straight cut
Virden Manitoba 53.3 Straight cut
Altona Manitoba 53.0 Swath
Glenboro Manitoba 53.0 Straight cut
Virden Manitoba 52.5 Swath
Oakburn Manitoba 51.9 Straight cut
Sperling Manitoba 51.9 Swath
Killarney Manitoba 51.1 Straight cut
  Manitoba 51.1 Swath
Grandview Manitoba 49.8 Straight cut
Grandview Manitoba 49.8 Straight cut
Holland Manitoba 47.8 Swath
Lenore Manitoba 47.1 Straight cut
Carman Manitoba 45.9 Straight cut
Virden  Manitoba 45.6 Swath
Rathwell Manitoba 43.2 Straight cut
Fork River Manitoba 40.0 Swath
Fork River Manitoba 35.5 Straight cut

P506ML Yield Results


Source: 2019 Corteva Agriscience™ field trials

Highlights from the Field

Pioneer Protector® HarvestMax CR Trait


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