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Corn Silage Products

See how Pioneer® brand corn silage hybrids for your local area that can maximize yield potential.

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Watch Silage Stories from Idaho

Watch to see how dairy producers from Idaho work with their local Pioneer team to deliver the highest quality forage for their operations.

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Watch Silage Stories from Texas

See how livestock producers from Texas work with their local Pioneer team to drive yield, production and results.

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Corn Silage Videos

Get tips to help you make corn silage decisions.

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Corn Silage Performance

See how Pioneer® brand corn silage products led tonnage and starch performance across the western U.S.

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Brown MidRib Corn Silage

Check out our new Brown MidRib (BMR) hybrids, developed to give you more tons per acre and carry the strong agronomic package you expect from Pioneer.

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Corn Silage Yield Data

See how Pioneer® brand corn silage products are performing in your area and around the country.

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Corn Silage Management

From planting through feedout, The Silage Zone resource provides management information you can use to help make decisions.

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Nutrition Team Directory

Meet the Pioneer nutrition team.

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Silage Bunker Calculator

The silage bunker calculator will help you determine the correct dimensions for your bunker.

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Corn Silage Nutrient Management

When producers think of managing soil nutrients for corn production, they likely think first of nitrogen — but nitrogen is just the beginning of the story. Corn silage growers also need to test for and manage potassium, phosphorus and micronutrients.

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Find Alfalfa Varieties

Find local alfalfa varieties for your area.

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See the Pioneer® brand Nutrivail® feed technology products that can help improve nutrient availability in cattle.

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Search for your local Pioneer team members.

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