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High-Moisture Corn Inoculant

Key Benefits of Pioneer® Brand 11B91 High-Moisture Corn Inoculant

Pioneer® brand 11B91 high-moisture corn inoculant is available as a water-soluble product in packaging suitable for use in tank mixes or with the Pioneer Appli-Pro® systems. It is also available as a free-flowing, granular formulation for easy and convenient application. 11B91 includes Rapid React® aerobic stability technology for improved bunklife and stable feed in seven days.

Solutions for Bunklife Problems and Improved Fermentation

Pioneer® brand 11B91 high-moisture corn inoculant is a nonhazardous biological solution to bunklife problems, helping avoid the use of expensive and caustic acid products. Next-generation Lactobacillus buchneri improves fermentation, retaining nutrient content and enhancing digestibility of ensiled high-moisture corn. 

Better High-Moisture Storage

Pioneer® brand 11B91 high-moisture corn inoculant helps high-moisture corn stay fresher and cooler in the storage structure and feedbunk. 11B91 has improved bunklife in slow-fill or slow-feedout situations and preserves nutritional quality by reducing nutrient losses to spoilage and heat-causing organisms.

Reduces Shrink Loss in High-Moisture Corn

Pioneer® brand 11B91 high-moisture corn inoculant reduces shrink losses during feed by more than 2 percent when compared with a control group. It also remains cooler for much longer periods of time when exposed to air.

Proven Results

11B91 - pH and Aerobic Stability Trials

11B91 pH and Aerobic Stability Trials

11B91 - Shrink Loss in High Moisture Corn

11B91 Shrink Loss in High Moisture Corn

11B91 - Treatment Effects on Bunklife

11B91 Treatment Effects on Bunklife


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* Rapid React® aerobic stability† technology       

† Improved aerobic stability and reduced heating is relative to untreated silage. Actual results may vary. The effect of any silage inoculant is dependent upon management at harvest, storage and feedout. Factors such as moisture, maturity, chop length and compaction will determine inoculant efficacy.

IMPORTANT: Information and ratings are based on relative comparisons with other Pioneer® brand forage additives within each specific crop, not competitive products. Information and ratings are assigned by Pioneer Forage Additive Research, based on average performance across area of use under normal conditions, over a wide range of both environment and management conditions, and may not predict future results. Product responses are variable and subject to any number of environmental and management conditions. Please use this information as only part of your product positioning decision. Refer to www.pioneer.com/products or contact a Pioneer sales professional for the latest and most complete listing of traits and scores for each Pioneer brand product and for product placement and management suggestions specific to your operation and local conditions.

Fermentation — Rate and extent of pH decline and the composition of fermentation acids occurring in silage.

Nutrient Conservation — Retaining more sugar/starch and reducing protein degradation by rapidly reducing silage pH.

Fiber Digestibility — The digestibility of neutral detergent fiber (NDF) by the ruminant animal expressed as a percentage of the total NDF.

Bunklife — Relative heat development compared to ambient temperature. Bunklife considers both how quickly silage begins to heat and the amount of heat generated while remaining above ambient temperature.