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Find Soybean Varieties

See Pioneer® brand soybean varieties for your local area that can maximize yield potential on every acre.

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The highest yielding line of soybeans ever developed by Pioneer.

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Soybean Yield Data

See how Pioneer® brand soybean varieties are performing in your area and around the country.

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Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour

Get insights provided by Pioneer agronomists during the 2018 Midwest Crop Tour.

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DuPont™ Lumisena™ Fungicide Seed Treatment

Learn how you can significantly boost your soybean yields and plant stands, using advanced technology for Phytophthora control.

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Roundup Ready2 Xtend® Soybeans

This technology provides farmers with a new tool to help manage glyphosate-resistant weeds while delivering the outstanding yield and service they expect from Pioneer.

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Soybean Seed Treatments

Protect your Pioneer® brand soybeans with the LumiGEN™ system soybean offering to boost your yield potential.

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Soybean Insect & Disease Guide

When scouting soybean fields, use these guides to help ID most soybean pests.

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10 Tips For Higher Soybean Yields

Get tips on topics for improving soybean yields including variety selection, seeding rate, stand establishment, row spacing, soil fertility and weed management.

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Plenish® High Oleic Soybeans

Plenish® high oleic soybeans are a better bet than commodity soybeans because they offer something extra for which end-users and consumers are willing to pay more - improved oil functionality and health benefits.

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Pioneer® brand soybeans with BOLT® Technology

BOLT® Technology offers growers a new herbicide system for cleaner fields and more options to adjust crop acres with changing market and growing conditions.

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Planting Date & Maturity Effects on Yield & Oleic Acid Profiles

Get management recommendations that can optimize yield, oil content and overall soybean quality.

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Accelerated Yield Technology 4.0

Accelerated Yield Technology 4.0 (AYT 4.0) from Pioneer is delivering to growers higher yielding soybean varieties faster than ever. The new technology has more than doubled the rate of genetic gain of the Pioneer soybean research pipeline.

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Soybean Scouting Calendar

Use this calendar as a soybean scouting guide.

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Herbicide Tolerant Traits

Pioneer offers a variety of herbicide tolerant traits for a range of weed control needs.

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