Our Name Is Our Mission

Pioneer combines elite genetics, advanced breeding technology and local testing to bring what’s next to your fields.


What's Next Happens Here

What’s Next Happens Here

We help farmers overcome the ever-evolving challenges they face through a leading-edge process that consistently develops some of the industry’s highest-yielding seed products. Learn more about our innovation pipeline below.

Here in Your Fields

Pioneer remains committed to bringing a steady stream of seed innovations to your fields. We combine industry-leading seed development with the expertise of more than 160 agronomists and 2,200 sales representatives to help maximize your yields.



Here in Our Test Fields

Pioneer manages one of the largest local and on-farm testing programs in the industry, including an average of more than 17,500 yearly pre-commercial and on-farm trials. That’s what it takes to produce seed proven to thrive in every grower’s unique conditions.

Pioneer manages one of the largest local and on-farm testing programs in the industry.

Here at Our Local Plant Breeding Centers

Pioneer takes a differentiated approach to local breeding programs. Our scientists live and work in the communities that host our strategically located breeding centers. This creates an extremely accurate picture of product performance in the local environment. It’s a critical step in our drive to create seed innovations that are ideal for each farmer’s growing conditions.

Pioneer Researchers

Troy Deutmeyer, Field Agronomist, IA

- "I connect growers with local breeders to allow product development and selection that fits the customer’s geography and management style."

Brandon Wardyn, Corn Evaluation Leader, NE

- "We actively seek out feedback from our growers. That feedback is taken in and strategy is adjusted real-time to ensure success."

Crystal Williams, Field Agronomist, IL

- "Our breeders know our environment. We work together to find what will be successful for our customers’ acres."


Here at our research facilities.

Here at Our Research Facilities

Our process starts several steps ahead of competitors by accessing one of the largest germplasm libraries in the industry. Advanced breeding technologies built by decades of R&D leadership and millions of dollars in investment have significantly broadened and accelerated our development pipeline. The result: seed innovations that are coming to your fields faster than ever.


The Latest Seed Innovations From Pioneer

A-Series Enlist E3® Soybeans

A-Series Enlist E3® Soybeans

World-class exclusive genetics combined with the most advanced weed control technology for top-end yield potential.

PowerCore® Enlist® Corn

PowerCore® Enlist® Corn

A comprehensive trait package for above-ground pest acres and weed management options brings peace of mind that corn is protected.

Vorceed™ Enlist® Corn

Vorceed™ Enlist® Corn*

Offers more options than any other corn rootworm product, with six modes of action to control insects and four modes of actions for weeds.

The Yield Meter Never Lies

The Yield Meter Never Lies

Browse the latest Pioneer brand seed yield data for various crops in your area.

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My Local Pioneer Team

Our unmatched team of local professionals live and work in your community. They’re ready to help you select high-yielding products and provide year-round service and expertise. Have questions? Ask your local Pioneer sales representative today.

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*Vorceed™ Enlist® corn will not be offered for sale or distribution until completion of field testing and applicable regulatory reviews.