2022 Pro Farmer Crop Tour - Day 4

2022 Pro Farmer Crop Tour Day 4

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Thursday, August 25, 2022 - Pro Farmer Crop Tour - Day 4

Eastern Route

Map for Day 4, Eastern Route, Pro Farmer Crop Tour

Western Route

Western Crop Tour Route - Day 4

Leader - Josh Shofner, Pioneer Strategic Account Manager, SE Minnesota

Josh Shofner, Pioneer Strategic Account Manager, SE Minnesota
  • Corn has reached the R3-R4 stage in southeast Minnesota as of August 12. Average planting date was 10-12 days later than 2021; however solid GDU accumulation in June and July has the crop ahead of the 10-year average.
  • Soybeans have reached to R4-R5+ stage in the area..
  • The soybean crop got off to a slow start due to later planting dates, cool temps (and some frost) in late May, and some early insect pressure. Nice growing conditions in July have the soybean crop staged close to average with adequate moisture to get thru the month of August.
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Crop Conditions - Southeast Minnesota

- Josh Shofner


  • Crop conditions very good to excellent
  • Adequate to excellent moisture in southeast Minnesota
  • Don’t have to go far and moisture levels drop
  • Good GDU’s to date despite later start than 2021
  • Tar spot will be a major focus the next 3-4 weeks
  • Concerns - Will moisture levels and temps lead to white mold in soybeans the next few weeks; will SDS show up in more areas?


  • The southeast corner of Minnesota is sitting on excellent moisture for grain fill. Moving north moisture becomes variable with areas showing up on the national drought map.
  • Corn rootworm is always a topic when talking southeast Minnesota. A lot of time devoted to educating about this pest and producers have done an excellent job the past couple years managing a growing population of northern and western corn rootworm.
  • Crop rotation, utilizing Pioneer® brand Qrome® products, adult beetle control, and soil applied insecticide when scouting indicated an elevated risk have reduced the amount of root feeding.
  • However, situations where these best management practices haven’t been implemented resulted in heavy feeding and adult beetle counts as anticipated.
  • Disease is showing up in the area, good moisture and cooler temps could lead to some heavy disease development between now and black layer. Gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, tar spot, and Goss’s wilt are all present currently.
  • Tar spot is the big talking point in southeast Minnesota. Tar spot has been observed a few weeks sooner than a year ago with development ahead of last years pace. Adequate moisture and cooler temperatures has the area on high alert.
  • Pioneer brand corn products offer industry leading tar spot tolerance. Hybrid selection is #1 management option followed by scouting and timely fungicide applications.


  • August always determines the soybean crop in Minnesota. Southeast Minnesota is sitting on excellent soil moisture; however, the moisture and mild temperatures could leave us vulnerable to disease such as white mold. SDS and white mold have been observed.
  • Weed control is very good in the soybean crop. Pioneer® brand Enlist E3® soybeans played a major role in giving local producers the tools and timing windows to ensure clean fields start to finish.
  • Insect pressure in the soybean crop has been low.


Disease Challenge - Tar Spot

  • Tar spot is present in southeast Minnesota
  • Conditions could favor the disease to progress
  • Scouting will be key the next 3 weeks!
  • Variety selection is #1 management tool
  • Timely fungicide applications have show good results

Photo - corn leaf showing tar spot symptoms

Photo by Josh Shofner, taken 8/11/22, Houston County, MN.

Corn Observations - SE Minnesota

  • GDU’s 8/11/2022 (Zumbrota, MN since May 7th): 1856
  • GDU’s vs normal: +155
  • GDU’s vs 2021: -28
  • Current Crop stage: ~R3-R4
  • Excellent soil moisture in the southeast corner of Minnesota

Photo - mature corn ear on stalk - mid-August

Photo by Josh Shofner, taken 8/11/22, Fillmore County Minnesota

Soybeans - SE Minnesota

  • Soybeans got off to a slow start due to cool temps, isolated frost, and early seed corn maggot pressure in reduced tillage/cover crop scenarios. 
  • Crop has entered the R4-R5.5 stage across the area
  • Planting dates were behind 2021
  • Good moisture to finish.
  • White mold and SDS starting to be observed.

Photos - soybean leaves and stems - stress from disease.

Photo - soybean field - midseason

Photos by Josh Shofner, Fillmore County Minnesota

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Photo - man reviewing tablet in cornfield - mid season

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