VE to V2 Corn Growth Stages and Scouting Tips

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VE - V2 Corn Stages: Germination and Emergence

Germination and Emergence, VE*

Once planted, corn seeds absorb water from the soil and begin to grow. VE (emergence) occurs when the coleoptile (spike) pushes through the soil surface. Corn plants can emerge within 5 days in ideal heat and moisture conditions. But in practice, due to early planting under seasonably cool conditions, at least 2 weeks are normally required from planting to emergence. With below average spring temperatures, corn seeds may be in the ground for 3 weeks or more before seedlings emerge. The growing point (stem apex) is 1 to 1.5 inches below the surface. The seminal root system is growing from the seed. The seminal roots do much of the early work, but growth slows after VE as nodal roots begin to grow.


  • Longer-season hybrids generally have more yield potential than shorter-season hybrids.
  • Growers should choose hybrids based on the local growing season and specific field environment.
  • Cool temperatures restrict root growth and nutrient uptake.
  • Banding fertilizer can help increase nutrient availability and early growth.
  • Shallow planting may provide a warmer environment for seeds when planting early, but always plant at least 1.5 inches deep for normal plant development.
Scout for these Common Pests and Diseases Timing*
Brown Stink Bug VE through V4.
Corn Flea Beetle During the first 3 weeks after VE and again in early R stages.
Goss's Wilt VE through R6. Disease primarily found in Nebraska and portions of other western states.
Grape Colaspis VE through V8.
Seedcorn Maggot From planting to VE.
Slugs VE through V4.
Stewart's Wilt Disease is initiated with corn flea beetle feeding from VE to V5.
White Grub From VE to V3.
Wireworms From planting to V4.
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*Information from Pioneer and Iowa State University Extension.

Use this information as a guide and it should not be the only factor in making decisions.