Harvest Moisture

Photo - corn operation - near Gilman Iowa

Get the Timing Right

Unsure when is the best time to start harvest? Start by looking at the optimum harvest moisture levels for corn, by region, from 2021.



There's More to it Than Timing

Hear from Pioneer's team of expert field agronomists as they report from the field on timing your corn harvests.

10 Tips for Timing Harvest

Don’t get caught unprepared for this year’s harvest. Here’s our top things to keep in mind as you get ready for corn and soybean harvest.

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Unlock Harvest Moisture Insights From Your Own Farm for Free with Granular Insights

Look at your fields to see what moisture level you harvested at in 2021, and how harvest moisture impacted your overall revenue.

Laptop - field harvest moisture data

See Your Moisture Insights