Scouting Tips for Stink Bugs

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Stink bug nymphs and adults primarily attack soybean pods and seeds inside the pod. A greater concern in Southern states, they can be difficult to diagnose because they leave no obvious feeding scars.

At harvest, the damage will appear. Young seeds can be deformed, undersized or even aborted. Older seeds will be discolored and shriveled.

Scouting Tips

Scouting for stink bugs should begin when soybeans start to bloom and continue until maturity. Intensify scouting when corn begins to dry down: Stink bugs will move rapidly from corn into soybeans.

Sweep nets or drop cloths can capture stink bugs. Sweep nets generally work best in drilled or other narrow rows. For 30-inch rows, spread a light-colored drop cloth between rows and shake the plant to dislodge bugs from the canopy. Sample several locations: Population levels can vary significantly.

One or more adults or later-stage nymphs per foot of row or 36 per 100 sweeps are common treatment thresholds; however, treatment thresholds vary by state. Click here for more information on stink bug or check with a local Pioneer sales professional.


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