Optimum® GLY Herbicide Tolerance Trait

Canola - plants in field

Key Benefits of the Optimum® GLY Herbicide Tolerance Trait

The Optimum® GLY herbicide tolerance trait enables Pioneer® brand canola hybrids to deliver on their genetic yield potential and agronomic traits.

Improved Crop Safety

Optimum GLY enables farmers to make herbicide applications at the optimal time and rate without impacting the yield potential of the hybrid.

Enhanced, Broad-spectrum Annual and Perennial Weed Control

Optimum GLY offers canola producers an excellent weed control system to deliver improved annual and perennial weed control over competitive herbicide systems.

Greater Application Flexibility When Spraying

Optimum GLY expands the window of application, allowing farmers the flexibility to time their herbicide application to maximize weed removal options. This gives farmers time to cover large acres or clean up late flushes of weeds without the risk of yield impact from late-season applications.

The Next Big Thing in Canola is Here.

Optimum® GLY is the newest and most advanced herbicide-tolerant trait technology in canola from Corteva Agriscience. Designed to deliver top yield potential and agronomic trait performance, it allows you to make the herbicide applications you need without impacting the yield potential of the hybrids you love.

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