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Behind the Corn Revolution

Years of research, breeding and testing have come together to bring Pioneer growers a new performance standard in corn.

From lab to field, our corn seed development is delivering better products to your field faster than ever.

Step 1
Science Corn Revolution - DNA strand

Begin With the Best Germplasm

We built and use one of the largest corn global genetics libraries in the world to develop products that consistently deliver high yield potential.

Explore the library

From Billions of Possibilities, We Pick the Best.

We can trace the genetics of each of our exclusive corn products in the U.S. back to the beginning of the Pioneer brand.

From those initial breeding lines, we’ve built our germplasm from the ground up. Impeccable pedigree records allow breeders to quickly select genetic lines with the most potential to solve challenges and increase yield.

Hear Senior Research Manager Andy Baumgarten describe how genomics allow us to screen and select new genetic combinations.

The process begins.

Listen  Andy Baumgartner on Genomic Selection (00:29)

Step 2
Data Corn Revolution - seed against DNA background

Computers Cut Down the Contenders

Petabytes of data (1M GB each) feed into computers, running millions of simulations to predict performance of different genetic combinations.

Learn why

Our scientists use advanced breeding technologies, unique characterization tools and predictive breeding tools to simulate and predict the best performing genetic combinations across hundreds of thousands of environments before they are field tested.

This enhanced technology capability has expanded our breeding pipeline testing by nearly 20x in the last decade, far more options than we could ever test in the field. More options = more opportunities to find the best genetic combination for your field.

Listen to Applied Field Technologies Leader Matthew Smalley describe how new technologies have widened the breeding funnel. 

Listen  Matt Smalley - Unmatched Local Breeding (00:59)

Step 3
Breeding Corn Revolution - seed in container

Our Breeders Dial It in Further

Advanced breeding technologies have reduced our development time by 30% over the last decade.

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A purer version of inbreds provides a clearer view into each line’s performance, so we narrow the list down even faster.

With these breeding tools, we’re bringing corn products with the best performance to customers faster than ever. And we can develop products for every environment a grower faces.

Hear Corn Evaluation Zone Leader Brandon Wardyn talk about tools increasing accuracy of selection.

Listen  Brandon Wardyn on Doubled Haploids (01:40)

Step 4
Testing Corn Revolution - corn stalk

We Take It to the Field

Now, the testing gets exponentially tougher. At Pioneer’s research plots, corn seeds that have made it this far undergo rigorous stress tests.

Learn about the tests

Your Region. Your Conditions.

Pioneer® brand products are bred and tested in corn growing areas across the U.S. by corn breeders who live and work in the locations they develop products for. They understand how new hybrids perform and are adapted to local environments.

The breadth and depth of our genetics and breeding have led to improved product performance for high yield potential, standability, consistency, drought tolerance and resistance to key local diseases.


The Boreas mobile wind machine simulates high winds to test stalk and root strength at critical points in the growing season.


Pioneer tests in dedicated managed stress environments and water-limited environments to develop new hybrids that make the most of every drop of water.


We breed for disease tolerance, achieving greater resistance to threats like Goss’s Wilt and northern corn leaf blight.


Performance is tested in different soil types and environments to ensure the best placement and management advice for farmer success.

Population Density

Plants are tested at different seedling rates to uncover the optimal balance of population and performance.

Step 5
2nd Year Corn Revolution - corn field - aerial view

Testing, Testing and More Testing

A second year of pre-commercial testing. More locations. Expanding decision zones.

See the impact

We’ve added a second year of IMPACT™ plot testing and more testing locations across the U.S. per product. Now we conduct 8x more late-stage field tests, comparing proven leaders, competitive seeds and experimental hybrids. This change has led to more broadly adapted products proven to perform consistently across multiple environments.

Hear Corn Product Line Manager Neal Hoss speak to the impact of this additional testing.

Listen  Neal Hoss on IMPACT™ trials (02:54)

Step 6
Results Corn Revolution - kernel - DNA overlay

Less Than 0.01% of Seeds Make It

These are the best of the best. They have survived computer simulations, lab tests, field tests and discerning breeders to make it into a Pioneer bag.

See the latest classes


Spanning the past three years, the 2019 - 2021 advancement classes have demonstrated a noticeable benefit on the farm, delivering an 8.5 bu/A average yield advantage over competitors in on-farm and IMPACT™ trials.2


You need to win every year. Our genetic predictions, which allow us to simulate across environments, along with two-year late stage testing in multiple locations, deliver high-level, consistent performance across multiple variables — not just high yield potential.

Pioneer® brand Qrome® Products

This Corn Revolution product offers the most optimized balance of insect protection and agronomic performance in the Pioneer portfolio. Two modes of action above and two below, for effective insect control, as well as a 7.7 bu/A yield advantage over SmartStax® technology in 2020 on-farm trials.3


See the Revolution Near You

When we develop Pioneer® brand corn products, we think local. Pioneer products are bred and tested in corn growing areas across the U.S., by breeders who live and work in the locations they develop products for. They understand how new hybrids perform and ensure they’re adapted to local environments.

See how close your local research center or IMPACT™ testing plot is to your farm, and watch how we develop and test new corn products at a few of our locations.

Bring the Revolution to Your Acres

Find the Right Seed Corn for Every Acre

Find the Right Seed Corn for Every Acre

Use our corn seed guide to explore Pioneer® brand corn products that will help maximize yield potential on every acre.

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Your Local Pioneer Team

Our unmatched team of local professionals is ready to help you select high-yield potential products and provide year-round service and expertise.

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Listen in on the Corn Revolution

Join Matt Brechwald, farmer and ag podcaster, as he talks with the geneticists, breeders and agronomists at Pioneer who are leading the Corn Revolution.


1Data is based on the average of comparisons of the 2019-2021 corn advancement classes from 2018-2020 in the U.S. Comparisons are against all competitors, technology segment matched, unless otherwise stated, and within a +/- 3 CRM of the competitive brand. 

2Data is based on an average of 2020 comparisons made in the U.S. through Nov. 1, 2020. Comparisons are against all competitors, technology segment matched, unless otherwise stated, and within a +/- 3 CRM of the competitive brand. Product responses are variable and subject to any number of environmental, disease and pest pressures. Individual results may vary. Multi-year and multi-location data are a better predictor of future performance. DO NOT USE THIS OR ANY OTHER DATA FROM A LIMITED NUMBER OF TRIALS AS A SIGNIFICANT FACTOR IN PRODUCT SELECTION. Refer to or contact a Pioneer sales representative or authorized dealer for the latest and complete listing of traits and scores for each Pioneer® brand product. Pioneer® brand products are provided subject to the terms and conditions of purchase which are part of the labeling and purchase documents.