Shield Seed From the Start

Shield Seed From the Start


From the time seed hits the soil, it faces challenges. Disease, pests, Mother Nature, tough soil conditions and more unpredictable threats leave seedlings vulnerable. You’ve spent a lot of time and money selecting the right genetics and traits for your fields, which is why setting your seed up for success is paramount.

Start by applying advanced seed treatment solutions that help safeguard yield potential and defend against early season pressures like never before. The industry-leading technology from the LumiGEN® seed treatment portfolio delivers results that help corn and soybean farmers optimize the potential of their Pioneer® brand seed.

Before your seed hits the soil next year, ensure you’re protecting your genetic investment with more effective seed treatment options. The first step is finding out what solution is the best fit for your farm.


Safeguard Soybean Yields

Best-in-class protection for Pioneer® brand soybeans starts with LumiTreo™ fungicide seed treatment, a new solution for farmers in 2024. The advanced technology within LumiTreo fungicide seed treatment offers unrivaled defense against top soybean diseases, including the No. 1 yield-robbing disease among young beans – phytophthora. According to multiyear trials, soybeans treated with LumiTreo fungicide seed treatment averaged 4.0 bu/A more than metalaxyl in high disease pressure environments.1

As for farmers experiencing high insect pressure, Lumiderm® insecticide seed treatment offers a broad-spectrum solution. Lumiderm insecticide seed treatment has a novel Group 28 insecticide mode of action. Likewise, when coupled with Gaucho® imidacloprid seed treatment it adds another mode of action on bean leaf beetles, seedcorn maggot and aphids. Farmers who use Lumiderm insecticide seed treatment can also expect a 1 to 3 bu/A yield advantage and defend against twice the number of insect species.2

For nearly a decade, Pioneer® brand soybeans treated with ILEVO® HL seed treatment have proved their performance through testing. Environments that are at risk for sudden death syndrome (SDS) or soybean cyst nematode (SCN) can overcome these unpredictable threats with extra protection. At a lower rate, fields are shielded from SCN and have a 1.5 bu/A yield advantage over untreated fields. Soybeans treated with a higher rate have protection against SCN and SDS. They also have a yield advantage of 6.4 bu/A under heavy SDS pressure.3


Get Next Level Corn Seed Protection

Setting corn acres up for a strong start means fields need protection from a premium seed treatment. For farmers looking for a better solution, LumiGEN seed treatment packages have the most robust corn protection in the industry.

Corn fungicide, insecticide, and nematicide seed treatments protect fields from today’s early season threats – such as pythium, head smut, corn rootworm, wireworm and nematodes. There are many other diseases and pests that seedlings can fall victim to. Which is why a defense system should be installed early.

As the need for stronger and more effective solutions for disease management rises, Lumiscend™ Pro fungicide seed treatment steps up to meet that demand. With advanced protection against rhizoctonia, fusarium and pythium, Lumiscend Pro fungicide seed treatment brings field performance to the farm. It delivers a consistent 1 bu/A yield advantage compared to competitive standards across all environments. Additionally, Lumiscend Pro fungicide seed treatment has a 3 bu/A yield advantage in higher disease environments.4

Nematodes are a different ballgame. They are difficult to identify and are the root to a myriad of crop health issues. With Lumialza® nematicide seed treatment, fields get more than 80 days of root protection across root zones against a wide range of nematode families. Come harvest, farmers can really tell a difference as Lumialza nematicide seed treatment can add a 3.7 bu/A yield advantage to fields with low nematode pressure and up to 9 bu/A in high pressure environments, when compared to crops treated with a non-nematicide seed treatment.5

Premium protection doesn’t stop here. Early season insects can have a significant impact of yield potential. During the critical growth stage, Lumivia® insecticide seed treatment brings better plant stands to the field and reduces the number of runt plants. The unique mode of action from Lumivia insecticide seed treatment provides security against a broad insect spectrum, including fall armyworm and black cutworm.


Bank on a Better ROI

With seed treatments, farmers are able to get peace of mind and greater return on investment by reducing risk early. Determining the most efficient and effective package is crucial to get the best possible ROI. Farmers should consider these tips when choosing what seed treatment option will be a good fit on their acres.

  1. Complement to seed genetics. Start with selecting a seed treatment package that complements their farm’s seed genetics and is optimal for their field environment.
  2. Multiple modes of action. Look for products that offer multiple modes of action to manage a broad range of threats as they will perform most reliably, even under extremes.
  3. High-quality, fast-acting active ingredients. These will immediately protect vulnerable seedlings in an unpredictable and potentially harsh field environment.

Protecting seed from the start allows you to plant with confidence and gives seed the opportunity to thrive. For more information about LumiGEN seed treatments, farmers can contact their local Pioneer team.


¹Data based on Corteva Agriscience research data 2019-2021, 82 locations.
²Significant yield improvement and reduction in plant stand gaps based on Corteva Agriscience research data 2018-2019, 73 locations.
32012-2015 data are based on average of all comparisons made in 165 locations. Yield benefit of 1.5 bu/a under moderate SCN pressure using the lower SCN rate, 40 locs. Yield benefit of 6.4 bu/a under moderate SCN plus SDS pressure using the higher SDS rate, 46 locs. Do not use these or any other data from a limited number of trials as a significant factor in product selection. Product responses are variable and subject to a variety of environmental, disease, and pest pressures. Individual results may vary.
4Seed-applied technology replicated and strip trial data comparing ipconazole-based recipe to the 2018 seed treatment recipe without ipconazole. This 2018 data included 212 location comparisons in the overall and 93 locations which were under early season stress.
5Data is based on 10-state broad-acre head-to-head strip trial comparing Lumialza® nematicide seed treatment vs. non-nematicide seed treatment utilizing the same insecticide and fungicide recipe in seed-applied technology replicated and strip trial data. Yields ranged from 3 to 9 bu/A depending on nematode species and population, in 184 low stress and 54 moderate to high stress locations.

Components of LumiGEN® seed treatments are applied at a Corteva Agriscience production facility, or by an independent sales representative of Corteva Agriscience or its affiliates. Not all sales representatives offer treatment services, and costs and other charges may vary. See your sales representative for details. Seed applied technologies exclusive to Corteva Agriscience and its affiliates.

® Lumialza, LumiGEN, Lumiscend Pro, LumiTreo, Lumivia and Pioneer are trademarks of Corteva Agriscience and its affiliated companies. ILEVO® is a registered trademark of BASF. Gaucho is a registered trademark of Bayer. Always read and follow label directions. © 2023 Corteva.