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Pioneer Premium Seed Treatments - Corn

2015 Pioneer Premium Corn Seed Treatment Options

PPST 250 plus DuPont Lumivia

Launching DuPont Lumivia insecticide seed treatment, a novel insecticide technology offering broad spectrum pest protection.

PPST 250: Standard for all Pioneer Corn Products

PPST 250, an exclusive combination of biological, insect and disease treatment technology, is the standard treatment package for all Pioneer® brand corn products. PPST 250 consists of three on-seed components: 1) an insecticide, 2) a fungicide and a 3) biological.

Poncho® 1250 + VOTiVO®: Enhanced Insect Protection Option

Growers also have the option on selected Pioneer corn products to choose Poncho® 1250 + VOTiVO® treatment where nematode or enhanced insect protection are needed.

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