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100 Jobs. One Farmer.

100 JOBS.

To succeed in this complex industry, a farmer has to be a data analyst, a geneticist and a meteorologist. And more.

Harvesting - John Deere Combine

Why Is Farming So Complex?

A farm is more than a farm — it’s an enterprise-level operation. As the CEO, you have to keep up with market prices around the world, the latest agronomic research, changes in weather patterns and biological advances in crop protection. As scientific breakthroughs continue to be made, farming will continue to change.

The Next Generation of Pioneer for the Next Generation of Farmers

Farmers have had to reimagine themselves, and so have we. Over the past decade, we have increased our R&D investments, brought in top scientists from around the world and added to the ranks of our agronomists. Our goal is to continually provide our farmers with higher yield potential and consistency, along with agronomic insights throughout the year.

Corn. Revolutionized.

Corn kernels

From our extensive germplasm library, we’ve expanded the number of experimental lines that go through our genetic pipeline. We test, and test, and test until only 0.01% make it into our bags. Explore our corn story at

Proven Field Results

Examining corn ear - field close to harvest.

We subject our most promising experimental lines to decades of rigorous field testing, helping to strengthen our product lineup. This means providing you with higher yield potential and consistency. Discover local yield data at

Local Agronomic Insights

Checking on a crop row, late spring/early summer

Our team of agronomists works on fields across the country to gather local data and crop insights tailored to your environment, every season of the year. Get local crop insights at

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“If you’re an agronomist for Pioneer, you’re a local expert for the best practices in your area.”

-      Neal Hoss, North America corn product manager

Our Product Lineup to Make the Complex, Simple

It takes elite genetics, intensive testing protocols, extensive research and a revolutionary way to develop seeds.

Pioneer® Brand Qrome® Products

Pioneer® Brand Qrome® Products

Qrome® products provide the most optimized balance of yield potential and insect protection.

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Hand holding a soybean seedling.

Pioneer® Brand A-Series Soybeans

Our soybeans are equipped with the strongest DNA in Pioneer history.

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People working in field, emerging crop.

LumiGEN™ Technologies

A unique combination of biological, insect and disease treatment technologies to protect genetics.

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