Planting with Precision

Photo - aerial field operation

Resources to help you plant – with precision. Here are our top Pioneer Agronomy articles and videos on the most important pre-season and planting topics.

Before You Start

Pre-season Planter Checklist

From planter singulation to seed furrow creation, use this preseason planter maintenance checklist to help prevent common seeding problems that result from improper setup, maintenance and operation.

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Determining Soil Fitness for Spring Field Work

Working soils that are too wet can lead to a number of problems that impact emergence. Learn how to determine when soil is ready for field work and planting.

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4 Key Corn Planting Outcomes

Learn how four key planting outcomes – uniformity of plant emergence, planting timing, plant population, and evenness of plant spacing.

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Planter Preparation for Spring

Preparing your planter for spring planting is critical for the success of your next crop.

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During Planting

Corn Planting Depth

Research has shown that planting corn at least 2 inches deep can improve uniformity of emergence by placing seeds into a more consistent seedbed and improving seed-to-soil contact.

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Use of Starter Fertilizers in Corn Production

Starter fertilizer benefits corn seedlings when growth of the nodal root system is slowed by weather, impeded by seedbed conditions, or damaged by pests or other factors.

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Give Seedlings a Chance

Reducing environmental stress and the opportunities for pests to attack vulnerable seedlings will set your season up for success.

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After Planting

Corn Stand Evaluation

Learn how to evaluate your corn stands as they emerge.

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How Planting Depth and Soil Texture Affect Corn Emergence

Research has shown that optimum planting depth for corn varies between 1 inch to over 3 inches depending on soil texture, moisture, temperature, seeding date, and other factors.

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Soil Temperature and Corn Emergence

Corn will almost never be planted under optimal conditions. Find out how hybrids endure cold stress and how to manage conditions.

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Pests of Late Planted Corn

Whether it’s delayed planting or replants, late-planted corn is more vulnerable to disease and insect pressure.

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