Managing Soybean Cyst Nematode - Field Sampling

By Steve Butzen, Agronomy Information Specialist

Sampling Fields for SCN

SCN can be scouted and observed visually on soybean roots at appropriate growth stages. However, soil sampling and professional evaluation of samples are usually required to effectively manage this pest.

Most states with SCN are also providing nematology lab services for evaluation of SCN samples for a modest fee. Contact your university ag extension office if you are not sure where to send SCN samples.

Sampling strategies for SCN vary, depending on the history of SCN in the field. Four possible SCN scenarios are:

  1. no known history of SCN in field and no symptoms
  2. no known history of SCN in field but apparent plant symptoms in field
  3. field is known to be infested with SCN
  4. field infested, resistant varieties now showing symptoms