Meet Influencer Chelsey Erdmann

Meet Influencer Chelsey Erdman

About Chelsey

Pioneer Influencer Chelsey Erdmann

Chelsey Erdmann is a passionate native of North Dakota with deep roots in agriculture. She proudly represents the sixth generation of her family's farm.

Rhein Valley Farms is a diverse farming operation, encompassing row crops, a cattle feedlot and backgrounding business, as well as a feed business. Chelsey's parents always made it clear that there was room for her and her brother to come back to the family business and farm. Chelsey obtained a degree in agricultural economics from North Dakota State University and began her career at a John Deere dealership. She made the decision to become a full-time farmer the same year her grandparents retired from the farming operation.

Today, Chelsey farms alongside her parents and her brother, with each of them actively involved in every aspect of the operation. They work together to carry forward their farming legacy to the next generation.

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A Generational Tradition

Chelsey works alongside her family on their row crop and cattle operation in North Dakota. We sat down with Chelsey to hear about the impact Pioneer has made on her farming experience. 

Now that you’re farming full time, what has been your favorite part?

As challenging as some days can be, I consider it a gift that I have the time to spend with my family. Taking my three kids to the farm every day is something truly special to me. We used to have four generations on the farm daily before my grandma passed away.

How did you start sharing your story online?

My family has always placed value on sharing our agriculture story and we were always advocates for the industry in person. I remember as a child, when we would go to a grocery store, my mom would fill the cart and my dad would answer questions for customers in the meat department. Spreading the positive message of agriculture was crucial to us as beef producers.

I remembered these lessons and quickly realized I could continue sharing the story of agriculture through social media. My first video was in response to a negative statement about agriculture, and from there, I never stopped sharing my ag story.

What’s the one thing you’ve learned by being an influencer?

I have learned the power of taking an offensive stance rather than a defensive one. I have found that when I initiate the conversation rather than defend someone else's opinion about farming, my audience is respectful and supportive. I believe most people are good, and I create content that allows me to be open and transparent about what happens on my farm.

What is your favorite part about sharing your story online?

The sense of community. With young kids, being involved in the farm, and a daily 40-minute drive, I don't have much time to connect with friends. Instagram gives me the opportunity to find and interact with friends. It has become my connection to the outside world that otherwise wouldn't be possible.

As a Pioneer Influencer, what is your connection to the Pioneer brand?

My family has been a proud Pioneer customer for many years. Our farm is located just four miles from our local Pioneer dealership, which has made a significant impact on our community and our family's farm. Their values truly embody the essence of a small business. They have been great neighbors, and we are honored to be their customers.