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Meet Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors

Our Pioneer brand ambassadors know they can depend on Pioneer for the best products and services in the industry. Click below to read their stories.

Kylie E.

Kylie Epperson

From Epperson Family Farms in Vandalia, MO, Kylie and her husband plant Pioneer® brand Enlist E3® soybeans, protecting their investment with Pioneer’s premium seed treatments.

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Chelsey E.

Chelsey Erdmann

Chelsey Erdmann is a passionate native of New Rockford, ND, with deep roots in agriculture. She’s the 6th generation on her family’s farm, which proudly has Pioneer soybeans in their fields.

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Marissa H.

Marissa Hake

From Black Label Farms in Edon, OH, Marissa is a 7th generation farmer & equine veterinarian with a passion for teaching her audience how products like Bovalta™ BMR corn silage can help improve animal health.

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Meet Pioneer Influencers

James Pieper

James just sold his first corn crop since he began his journey as a farmer in Wells, MN. He knows that Pioneer offers outstanding corn and soybean genetics that will continue to perform, year over year.

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Photo - Pioneer influencer MP Sass

Mary Pat Sass

From Sass Family Farms in Woodstock, IL, Mary Pat uses Granular’s smart ag technology to keep her entire operation in the palm of her hand.

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Meet Pioneer Influencer Laura Wilson

Laura Wilson

Laura had a full circle moment, her experience with Pioneer has evolved from growing up detasseling Pioneer seed corn fields to now planting Pioneer corn and soybeans on her farm in Aurora, NE.

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Photo - Andy Z. - Pioneer influencer

Andy Zessin

Andy Zessin from Madison, NE, loves the numbers side of farming. He knows that his Pioneer® brand A-Series Enlist E3® soybeans add up to success.

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