Meet Influencer Laura Wilson

Meet Influencer Laura Wilson

About Laura

Influencer Laura WIlson

Laura Wilson decided as a senior in high school that she was going to be involved in her family's farm. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, her dream became a reality a lot quicker than she had planned. Laura returned to her family's farm, located in South Central Nebraska, the spring of 2020. She has been farming ever since.

After spending a few seasons renting land from her grandpa and her dad, Laura and her husband decided to farm together. Laura can often be found changing a tire on the center pivot or checking fields with her husband, Grant, all while sharing videos of their actions on YouTube.

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Excitement for Entertaining & Educating

Laura’s childhood memories include detasseling Pioneer seed corn on her family’s farm. Her experience has come full circle as she proudly plants Pioneer seed in her field’s today. We sat down with Laura to hear about the impact Pioneer has made on her farming experience.

You mentioned detasseling corn, what else did you do on the farm?

Detasseling corn isn’t for the faint of heart! It was all hands-on deck when it came to detasseling my family’s seed corn fields. That task was the extent of my involved on the farm when I was growing up. I showed pigs for a few years, but my childhood was primarily focused on academics and sports. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I decided I enjoyed the lifestyle the farm offered, and I wanted to become a farmer.

What has your experience been now that you’re a farmer?

At first, I learned a lot from my dad when I joined him in the operation in 2020. This season I decided it was the right time to shift my fields and join my husband on the other side of the county. This is the first season him and I are working together, and I look forward to continuing the partnership for many years to come.

Why did you start sharing your story on social media?

I mentioned my first season farming was spring 2020. I quickly found that my friends and family, who were home due the pandemic, were interested in receiving videos with updates from the farm. I continued to capture videos and our everyday happenings on the farm and eventually started a YouTube page. I do not have fancy equipment or any crazy technique, I just film with my iPhone. I like creating content and sharing my farm experience with others.

What’s been your favorite part about using social media on the farm?

I love the fact I can be a farmer, an educator, and an entertainer. Growing up on the farm, I understood the basics behind the occupation of farming. To me, it seems like a normal job but when I share everyday tasks, my audience loves it. Many people don’t realize everything that goes into a farm, and I like being the one who shares it with them. My audience is not just people who live in a city and want to know about farming, but it’s my local community and neighbors that drive by the farm every day but never see behind the scenes. It’s been a fun journey and I plan on continuing my presence on social media in the future.