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Deferred Payment (DP) Frequently Asked Questions



Transaction Activity

Answers - Overview Questions

How do I access my loan information online?
Under My Account Overview, select Deferred Payment Loans. Then click on the Detail button for the specific year you are interested in viewing. The respective Loan Details and Transaction Activity will then be displayed for the year selected.

What are some of the benefits of the Deferred Payment Program?
There are several key benefits of the program including:

  • allows customers flexibility to purchase products and retain applicable discounts
  • provides customers cash flow flexibility by deferring payment until after harvest
  • enables customers to make early commitment to get products they want
  • offers competitive interest rate options
  • allows early payment without any penalty

Is my loan/account information secure?
Yes. Pioneer and PHI FS have taken many steps to ensure security of your information online. Here are the steps Pioneer has taken to ensure security:

  • Before any customer can access personal information or account information, they must create an account on If you haven't created an account, please do so. If you've created an account but don't remember your username or password, call us at 1-800-233-7333. An email will be sent to you, confirming your account has been activated.
  • Secure pages. Pages are secured through encryption (SSL with 128 bit encryption) so data transferred over the internet cannot be intercepted by anyone other than the target user.
  • Username and Password. After a user has created and activated their account, the user must continue to provide a unique username and password to view personal information and accounts.

Why do I not see my loan/account information?
Individuals that have not transacted business with Pioneer and/or PHI FS in the current or upcoming growing season will not have access to their Account Activity Summary because there are no transactions to view. Pioneer customers that transact business directly with someone other than a Pioneer sales professional will not see account information because this service is available only in areas served by Pioneer sales representatives. The service is not available in the western states.

Answers - Loan/Accounts Questions

How do I know if I am preapproved for a DP Loan?
Contact your Pioneer sales professional.

When are DP Loan Statements distributed?

  • Late October/Early November - Customers with balances greater than $250 will receive a Due Notice showing the projected amount due on the December 1 maturity date (US & Canada)
  • Early/Mid January – Customers will get an end-of-year statement showing interest paid for the year (US & Canada)
  • In addition to the above two mailings, Canada DP Loan customers will receive a monthly statement.

Deferred Payment Loan Statement

The projected balance shown on the Deferred Payment statement will pay your loan in full if payment is received by the projected balance date shown on your statement. If you wish to pay in full before the date please call us at 1-800-248-4030 (US) or 1-800-826-5944 (Canada)

Where can I get my loan payoff amount?

Online -- go to In the Invoice and Balance Info Deferred Payment Loans section, click the Make A Payment button and follow the online payment process.
Telephone -- call PHI FS Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system at 1-800-248-4030 (US) or 1-800-826-5944 (Canada). This automated phone system is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. You will need your Business Partner ID available to complete the transaction.
Check -- if you prefer to pay by check, a printable Deferred Payment Loan coupon is available at In the Invoice and Balance Info Deferred Payment Loans section, click on the Make A Payment button and follow the Pay By Mail instructions.

Is the balance shown on my Deferred Payment Loan statement for the amount I owe?
No, the balance shown on the statement does not reflect what you owe because loans accrue interest on a daily basis.

When does interest begin to accrue on my DP Loan?

  • Interest on seed purchases or EncircaSM Services purchases from Pioneer sales reps begins to accrue at the end of the discount period for which the product was purchased. Interest on subsequent transactions will accrue as of the date of purchase.
  • Interest on seed and/or Crop Protection purchases from Pioneer or DuPont retailers begins to accrue on the date the transaction is approved for payment by PHI FS.
  • Contact your Pioneer sales professional if you have questions or call PHI FS Customer Service at 1-800-248-4030, option 1 (US) or 1-800-826-5944, option 3 (Canada)

Where do I find invoice details of the products I purchased on my DP Loan?

  • Seed Purchases: Log in to and hover over the My Account Overview tab. Select Pioneer Accounts. Under Pioneer Accounts, click on the applicable Account Description to view Account Activity or click on View Units. You may also contact your Pioneer sales professional.
  • Crop Protection Purchases: Log in to and hover over the My Accounts Overview tab. Select Crop Protection Accounts, click on the applicable Account Description to view Account Activity.

What if I have questions about the Deferred Payment Loan Program, loan status, credit limit increases, balance disputes, Deferred Payment Loan statement repayment questions or other questions?

Please call PHI FS Customer Service at 1-800-248-4030 (US) or 1-800-826-5944 (Canada)

Answers - Transaction Activity Questions

Why do I have a processing fee on my loan?
A loan processing fee of $10 is applied to all loans in the U.S. Please refer to the terms and conditions on your Deferred Payment Loan Agreement.

What is the "Description" field shown on the DP Loan Transaction Activity page?
The "Description" field shows you the type of transaction that occurred for each line item.

My loan shows a credit balance, how do I get a refund?
If you do have a credit balance, a refund will be mailed to you as soon as it is processed.