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Corn Fiber Technology


11CFT - Corn Fiber Technology - Contains L. Buchneri

Pioneer® brand 11CFT corn silage inoculant

Pioneer® brand 11CFT is a revolutionary corn silage inoculant product designed to:

  • Reduce dry matter loss resulting from “front-end” feedout losses and “back-end” feedout losses.
  • Improve digestibility, making it an excellent choice for high-production animals fed high levels of forage.
  • Allow for reduction in concentrate and protein supplementation to reduce total feed costs.

Available as water-soluble product in packaging suitable for use in tank mixes or with the Pioneer Appli-Pro® SLV applicator system.

Start getting more mileage from your silage with 11CFT. To learn how, contact your local Pioneer sales professional today or click on one of the links below.

PDF 11CFT Product Profile (PDF 616 KB)    PDF Inoculant Brochure (PDF 253 KB)
PDF 11CFT Mixing Instructions (PDF 179 KB)     PDF Applicators for Forage Inoculants (PDF 6 MB)
PDF    PDF Maturity & Moisture Recommendations (PDF 131 KB)
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