Phosphorous & Potassium in Crop Production

Photo - spring fieldwork

P&K Fertility

Learn more about these two essential plant macronutrients. Soil behavior, fertilizer tips, and soil and tissue testing.

field operation - early season

Potassium Behavior in Soil

Covers Potassium soil states, reactions and mobility.

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Potassium Fertilizers

Application forms, timing and methods for potassium fertilizer.

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Updating - soybean field - low level - early season

Testing & Application Timing

Corn & soybean sampling, test interpretation and fertilizer timing.

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Photo - men walking in emerging cornfield

Phosphorus Behavior in Soil

Phosphorous forms, reactions mobility and availability in soil.

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soybean field - early season

Phosphorus Fertilizers

Phosphorous forms, environmental considerations and application preparation.

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Tissue Testing Corn

Research on corn yield response to P & K applications.

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