Best Management Practices for Corn-After-Corn Production

Crop Insights by Steve Butzen, Agronomy Information Manager

Yield-Limiting Factors in Continuous Corn Production
An Illinois study reported that 3 factors accounted for nearly the entire 25 bu/acre yield penalty seen in continuous corn vs. a corn/soybean rotation. Find out what 2 management practices can help growers consistently achieve high continuous corn yields.
Best Management Practices for Corn-After-Corn Production
Hybrid selection, plant and technologies, crop residue, fertility and tillage are all considerations in corn-after-corn systems.
Agronomic Practices for Corn-After-Corn Production
This article discusses increased corn-after-corn acres, factors that reduce yield and management considerations.
Maximizing Corn Emergence and Uniformity in High-Residue Fields
This article covers hybrid selection for high-residue fields, managing planting in high-residue fields and tillage.
Managing Corn Residue in Corn Production
Get tips for managing corn residue.