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Alfalfa Management


8 Benefits of Feeding Alfalfa in Dairy Diets.

Feeding alfalfa offers a range of benefits to dairy operations. Find out how to take advantage of the eight great features that alfalfa offers.

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Reduced-Lignin Trait Could Revolutionize Alfalfa

Most forage growers associate biotechnology traits with the corn plant. However, for nearly a decade, a consortium of companies have been developing a transgenic trait that could represent the “holy grail” for alfalfa growers. The trait is reduced-lignin (R-L) alfalfa.

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Alfalfa Feeding Guidelines

Alfalfa is arguably one of the most variable feeds on the farm. This is due to field-by-field variations in the age of stand (grass content), harvest maturity and moisture, fiber digestibility affected by the growing environment and issues surrounding fermentation and palatability.

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Alfalfa's Value in Cattle Rations

Alfalfa is known for its high protein and fiber content, making it a staple in many cattle rations. The high protein content reduces the amount of high-cost supplemental protein producers need to add to the diet.

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