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Corn Silage Management


Bunker and Pile Feedout Safety Reminders

Corn silage harvest is complete but that should not signal the end of safety awareness on farms using a bunker or drive-over pile for silage storage. Read this article for bunker and pile feedout safety reminders for corn silage producers.

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High Inclusion Corn Silage Feeding Guidelines

Success in feeding corn silage involves following a hierarchy of observations and measurements in the nutritional program. It’s especially crucial when evaluating beef rations containing higher corn silage inclusions.

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BMR Corn Silage Feeding Considerations

Brown midrib (BMR) corn silage hybrids have been on the market for nearly two decades. This article provides examples of the growing and feeding experiences of dairy producers who have successfully incorporated BMR into their forage program.

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6 Tips for Feeding High Corn Silage Rations

Dairy operations can feed cows economically with high-forage diets using corn silage as the sole source of forage. However, producers should consider several management factors when feeding high rates of corn silage.

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Does Vitreous Starch Content of Corn Hybrids Matter in Livestock?

Some producers claim that corn hybrids with higher vitreous endosperm will produce starch that is less digestible in the rumen. However, when hybrids are harvested as silage – before full kernel maturity – there is only very minimal difference between vitreous (hard or flinty corn) hybrids and floury (soft or dent corn) hybrids.

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