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Alfalfa Management


Preparing Alfalfa Stands for Winter

Your late summer and fall alfalfa management strategy can have a large impact on spring regrowth and next year’s yield potential.

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Alfalfa Offers Great Nitrogen Fixation, Storage Benefits

Alfalfa stands fix nitrogen, using it to produce high-protein forage. The crop also stores nitrogen in the crown and roots. When rotating to another crop, such as corn, this stored nitrogen fills most if not all the new crop’s nitrogen needs.

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Balancing Alfalfa Yield and Quality

Alfalfa quality depends on a number of factors, and weather is a major one. Once alfalfa genetics have done their best with what Mother Nature has provided, it’s up to the grower to preserve as much of the nutritional quality as possible. The first cutting of the season is the most significant. As much as half the season’s total yield can be from the first cutting.

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Don’t Short Potassium in Alfalfa Stands

Alfalfa demands substantial amounts of potassium (K) for strong growth and nutrient development. Learn why and how to manage K needs in alfalfa stands.

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Potato Leafhopper in Alfalfa

Potato leafhopper is one of the most common and destructive insects affecting alfalfa. Get scouting tips, threshold levels and other management options.

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